2 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Stocks to Buy Now That Could Make You a Millionaire

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Here's how you can benefit from the AI ​​gold rush.

“We've seen a lot of exciting technology waves in our industry — cloud, social, mobile — but this AI wave is shaping up to be the biggest one anyone's ever seen.” Sales force CEO Marc Benioff

The artificial intelligence (AI) boom will be a hugely lucrative opportunity for savvy investors. Here are two AI leaders that are particularly well-positioned to benefit their shareholders in the coming years.

1. Palantir Technologies

Generative AI modelers like OpenAI get a lot of attention, but the best AI investments are likely to be analytics all-stars that use AI to help companies get the most out of their data. can. Palantir Technologies (PLTR 1.29%) Elite provides machine learning technology and a game-changing new AI platform that can do just that.

Palantir enables its clients to gain valuable insights from various data sources in real time. Its equipment has been valued by the US military and numerous government agencies.

On May 30, the company won an initial order of $153 million — and a contract with additional awards of up to $480 million — to make its AI operating system available to the Department of Defense. Shannon Clark, Palantir's head of defense development, said the tools will enable commanders to “make better, faster decisions across domains at an unprecedented scale.”

Its new artificial intelligence platform (AIP) is also popular with private companies. For example, Tampa General, a leading academic health system, recently selected AIP for its core analytics and AI platform.

Specifically, Tampa General credits Palantir with reducing the time it takes to place patients by 83 percent. “Shorter wait times for appointments and shorter lengths of stay don't just improve the patient experience, they allow us to treat more patients,” Tampa General Hospital CEO John Koris said on June 5. who need care.”

These real-world benefits are driving customers to Palantir. Its revenue rose 21% year-over-year to $634 million in the first quarter, boosted by a 69% increase in U.S. commercial clients. Better still, net income was an impressive $106 million, marking the sixth consecutive quarter of profitability.

Yet Palantir's total commercial customer base was only 262 as of March 31. There's still plenty of room for expansion, and Wall Street seems to agree. Analysts expect Palantir to grow its profits by more than 85 percent annually over the next half decade.

2. Advanced micro devices

Nvidia (NVDA 1.75%) AI reigns supreme among semiconductor designers. But chip buyers are eager to back a challenger. They see competition as a way to increase supply and keep a lid on rising chip prices.

enter Advanced Micro Devices (AMD -0.17%). The innovative chipmaker has solid plans to wrest market share from Nvidia and become a force in the fast-growing AI industry.

AMD sees its data center chip revenue growing to nearly $4 billion in 2024. For context, the company generated $22.8 billion in total revenue over the past 12 months. But that's just scratching the surface of what AMD's AI-related sales could soon become.

CEO Lisa Su projects that demand for chips that can accelerate AI workloads will grow to $400 billion by 2027.

Big chip buyers love. Microsoft, Meta platforms, oracle, and OpenAI all reportedly plan to deploy AMD's new AI accelerator in their data centers, according to CNBC.

AMD is also helping to bring a wave of AI-powered personal computers (PCs) to market. The chipmaker's high-performance Ryzen 8040 series processors will feature prominently in the new AI-powered PCs. HP And Deal.

With these lucrative opportunities in data centers and AI PCs fueling its growth, AMD is expected to grow its revenue by more than 30% annually over the next five years. Buy shares today, and you can benefit with this ambitious AI powerhouse.

Randy Zuckerberg, former director of market development and spokeswoman for Facebook and sister of MetaPlatforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is a member of The Motley Fool's board of directors. Joe Tenebrosso has no position in any stocks. Motley Fool has positions in and recommends Advanced Micro Devices, HP, MetaPlatforms, Microsoft, Nvidia, Oracle, Palantir Technologies, and Salesforce. The Motley Fool recommends the following options: long January 2026 $395 calls on Microsoft and short January 2026 $405 calls on Microsoft. The Motley Fool has a Disclosure Policy.

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