25% longer life, improved safety, AI chip improves battery performance.

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The landscape of battery technology has witnessed a major development. Eatron Technologies, a leader in battery management solutions, and Syntiant, a pioneer of edge AI technology, have joined hands to create an AI-powered battery management system-on-chip (AI-BMS-on-chip).

This compact chip has the potential to improve battery performance, safety and lifespan in a variety of applications. “This powerful yet energy-efficient system unlocks an additional 10% of battery capacity and extends battery life by up to 25%,” read the press release.

AI-BMS-on-chip is a state-of-the-art system that leverages the combined expertise of Eatron and Syntiant.

It integrates Eatron's latest intelligent software layer, responsible for intelligent battery management algorithms, with Syntiant's ultra-low-power NDP120 neural decision processor, a specialized chip designed for efficient AI processing at the edge. has been done

“Our NDP120 allows Eatron software to process all data at the edge of the batteries, increasing battery life, safety and performance,” expressed Malik P. Moturi, Chief Business Officer, Syntiant.

Data-driven insights

AI-BMS-on-chip is able to collect and analyze battery data in real time. It continuously monitors critical parameters such as State of Health (SOH), State of Charge (SOC), and Remaining Useful Life (RUL).

The chip then gains valuable insight into the battery's condition and performance. This data-driven approach allows the chip to make intelligent decisions to optimize battery usage.

In addition, the AI-BMS-on-chip addresses safety issues with its predictive diagnostic capabilities. By analyzing patterns in battery data, the chip can detect potential problems before they escalate into critical failures, according to the company.

This proactive approach to safety can prevent costly repairs, downtime, and even dangerous situations, making it suitable for a number of industries. Specifically, AI-BMS-on-chip is said to perform all data processing locally on the device itself.

“Using the efficient processing power of Syntiant's NDP120, our solution operates at the edge, eliminating the need for complex cloud infrastructure,” explained Eatron.

This “edge computing” approach offers several advantages. First, it eliminates the latency and potential connectivity issues associated with cloud-based systems, ensuring real-time analysis and response. Second, it enhances data privacy and security by keeping sensitive battery information on the device.

Diverse applications

The versatility of AI-BMS-on-chip is evident in its wide range of potential applications. In the fast-growing electric vehicle market, the chip can improve battery efficiency, extend driving range, and enhance safety.

Additionally, AI-BMS-on-chip can be used in a variety of industrial settings, powering everything from forklifts to electric buses, increasing efficiency and reducing operating costs. Is.

The press release added that “AI-BMS-on-chip will increase efficiency, safety and longevity in a wide range of battery-powered applications, including light mobility, industrial and consumer electronics”.

A promising future

A collaboration between Eatron Technologies and Syntiant has led to a technology that promises a breakthrough in the use and management of batteries.

With its focus on data-driven optimization, active safety, and edge computing, AI-BMS-on-chip represents a significant leap forward in battery management technology.

This could lead to new battery-powered devices and vehicles that are not only more efficient and reliable, but also safer and longer-lasting.

“With AI-BMS-on-chip, we will enable any battery-powered application to be deployed in the millions with absolute safety and get the most energy from the battery,” said Amedeo Bianchimano, Chief Product Delivery Officer. said Eatron Technologies.


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