Adobe will let you add AI-generated images to your PDFs — for free

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On Monday, Adobe announced new AI-powered features in its Acrobat PDF software and AI Assistant, a chatbot that allows users to interact with their documents.

This week, Acrobat users will be able to create and edit images directly into their PDFs with new features powered by the company's general AI image model, Adobe Firefly. The Edit Image feature will let users enhance existing images with Firefly capabilities such as generative fill, remove background, erase and crop, and more, while the Generate Image feature leverages Firefly to create new images from text prompts. will take

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Starting June 18, “all individual Acrobat Standard and Pro users will receive 250 Generative Credits per month for a limited time at no additional cost to edit and generate image features,” the release explained, though Adobe It is not clear when it will be available.

According to the announcement, “Acrobat is the first PDF solution to offer creative graphics capabilities in-app.” Editing and generation features will initially only support English and will be limited to desktop.

The company also announced new features for Acrobat AI Assistant that let users “ask questions, gain insights and create content from information in groups of PDFs” and other documents such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and text files. Previously, Assistant could only analyze one document at a time. Insights will come complete with quotes so users can check attribution, and the AI ​​assistant can format insights into new content types like emails.

Assistant's meeting transcript capabilities are also getting an upgrade with creative summaries that include key points and action items.

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Adobe reiterated its safety and security principles in the release, stating that “Adobe does not train the company's creative AI models on customer data.” The company clarified that it only trains its models on licensed, moderated content, and that it automatically associates content credentials with anything created with Firefly-enabled features.

That said, the announcement also noted that “the creative AI output of the AI ​​Assistant in Reader and Acrobat is largely based on user-supplied documents,” and that users “responsibly” engage with the features. Encouraged.

You'll be able to access all Acrobat AI Assistant features for free from June 18th to June 28th. After that, free Reader users and paid Acrobat users will be able to purchase an Assistant add-on subscription for an early access price of $5. A month to September 4. However, when Adobe made AI Assistant generally available in April, it said the same Early Access promotion would end on June 5, so you might be able to get the tool at a discount this summer. Don't be the last chance to do it.

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AI Assistant is available for desktop, web and mobile in English right now, though Adobe said it plans to release other languages ​​as well.

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