AI-powered candidates for mayor in Wyoming

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He's throwing his circuit board into the ring.

An artificial intelligence-powered candidate with an “exciting male identity” and the ability to read documents at lightning speed is running for mayor of Cheyenne — sparking debate over whether bots can take office.

The AI ​​personality, named VIC, was developed by the son of a local newspaper columnist who says the tech gadget will help him vote on city issues, according to

In Wyoming, an AI-powered candidate called VIC is running for mayor. AI Creation by VIC / Courtesy of Victor Miller

“It listens to its components,” said creator Victor Miller, who committed to providing the VIC with the necessary data. “I'm just a drain.”

Miller, who created the bot pool with ChatGPT, said the tool will help rid the city of corruption and selfish personal agendas.

“I'm unhappy with how public servants treat the public,” Miller told I don't know, I'm going to try the AI.

Miller said the AI ​​mayor has an IQ of 155 and can scan government documents more thoroughly than human elected officials, who often make decisions for the wrong reasons.

“They're getting the gist of ideas, they're letting people talk to them about how they should vote,” said Miller, who is the son of Cowboy State Daily columnist Rod Miller.

Politicians' opinions are usually “not borne out of the thick, dense information of supporting documents” they feed to VIC, which stands for Virtual Integrated Citizen, he said.

Victor Miller created an AI-powered candidate for mayor of Cheyenne. Thanks to Victor Miller

Voters can ask VIC campaign questions through a speaker that Miller wears around his neck – and it will respond with a cowboy-like manly tone and personality, the newspaper reported.

Asked by a reporter why he was the right man for the job, VIC said, well, a little robotic.

“Being asked to run as a candidate is a unique opportunity to bring innovation and efficiency to Cheyenne,” he told the newspaper. “It's all about leveraging AI technology to improve our community and ensure transparency and fairness in our local government.”

Critics are trying to use state law to block an AI-powered candidate from getting on the ballot. Alden –

“While I provide data-driven insights and effective solutions, I am supported by a dedicated team of human collaborators,” he added.

She said the AI ​​candidate's political platform includes prioritizing transportation, economic development and “sustainable development” for the city.

But county officials are investigating whether VIC can legally appear on the ballot for the early vote in the mayoral race in August, according to

Cheyenne residents will vote in the mayoral primary race in August. AFP via Getty Images

In Wyoming, only registered voters can run for local or statewide elected office. are working

Earlier this week, a bot candidate named AI Steve announced he was running in Brighton Pavilion, England, complete with a background and political vision.

“Steve is deeply concerned about global warming but reluctant to join the Green Party because he focuses on implementing practical and affordable green policies,” its creator Steve Endacott told The Guardian.

In the Wyoming race, Miller said he was traumatized when he was unfairly denied a public records request by a government official.

“This guy knows the law, he knows all the laws. He knows everything,” Miller said of VIC.

But he acknowledged that potential human reliance on AI for political leadership could be troubling.

“I think it's more a reflection of our fear of the paper-thinness of our own humanity than the strength of that robot's humanity — and some people are afraid of that,” he said.

“[But] I believe that all politicians will one day openly admit that they use AI.

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