Alibaba's major language model AI developer platform Hugging Face has topped the global rankings.

Three of the four top 10 ranked Chinese LLMs belonged to him. Tongi Kian Wen The series, also known as Qwen, produced E-commerce And Cloud computing According to giant Alibaba, AI and machine learning developer platform Hugging Face, which released its updated leaderboard with new metrics on Wednesday. Alibaba owns the South China Morning Post.
HangzhouAlibaba's Qwen-72B-Instruct LLM topped the list with an average score of 43.02 across six benchmarks. Qwen's model was trained on 72 billion “parameters” — the machine learning term for the variables in an AI system during training, which help determine how the data produces the desired output. .
Qwen 72B [Instruct] “Kia King and Chinese Open models are dominating overall,” Hugging Face co-founder and chief executive Clement Delingo said in a post. X, formerly Twitter, on Wednesday.
Developed and operated by Alibaba Group Holding's cloud computing unit, Tongi Qianwen's large language models are used in industries ranging from consumer electronics to cars and online games. Photo: Shutterstock
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According to a Wednesday post on the Hugging Face developer community website, this particular Qwen model was credited for its “performance in mathematics, long-range reasoning and knowledge.”

Meanwhile, Alibaba's Qwen-72B and Qwen1.5-110B models climbed to third and tenth place respectively as of Thursday. According to Hugging Face, the rankings are expected to change over time, as more LLMs are evaluated.

From Yi-1.5-34B-Chat model Beijing– Based on Start 01. AI was in seventh place. The firm was founded in 2023 by prominent venture capitalists. Lee Kai Fuwho was the first president. Google China
The high recognition of Alibaba's LLMs reflects the company's rapid growth in AI Strong commitment to open source development. Tongyi Qianwen was opened to third-party developers several months ago.
Open source provides public access to a program's source code, allowing third-party software developers to modify or share its design, fix broken links, or extend its capabilities. Open source technologies have been huge. A contributor to China's booming tech industry In the last few decades.
Alibaba Cloud's chief technology officer Zhao Jingren said in May that the Tongqiianwen large language model family has been adopted by more than 90,000 corporate clients. Image: Handout
Facebook Parents Meta platformsThe AI ​​model took second place behind Alibaba in Hugging Face's top 10 list. An LLM from Microsoft, ChatGPT is a big supporter of the creator. Open AIwas ranked sixth.

The Hugging Face community said on Wednesday that its method for rating AI models added more metrics, such as complex problems of about 1,000 words in length, at a time when AI's “performance is peaking.” “.

Because Hugging Face's ranking focuses on programs developed from open source, it does not include advanced LLMs developed in proprietary environments such as OpenAI's GPT.

LMSYS Chatbot Arena ranked first by the University of California, Berkeley, and the Large Model Systems Organization GPT-4o, OpenAI's latest LLM was introduced in May. Alibaba's Qwen2-72B-Instruct ranked 19th.
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