Apple's device longevity makes AI even more important.

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Apple's Devices last longer, so customers don't trade in often.

And as Bloomberg News Reported Sunday (June 30), which could make the tech giant's artificial intelligence (AI) efforts even more important.

To be clear, the report says, Apple is trying to make its products more durable, and says that devices that are 7 years old can still run their current operating systems. However, the report argues that Apple will be a less reliable source of growth with declining sales.

The company could turn things around, Bloomberg's Mark Gorman wrote, because it has “a growing opportunity to attract customers with software and artificial intelligence.”

When Apple unveils the iPhone 16 this fall, there won't be many hardware changes, but consumers will have to buy a new phone if they want one. Presented by Apple Intelligence. He argued that this could lead to Mac and iPad users also upgrading.

The declining pace of hardware upgrades will also mean Apple will have to rely more on service fees and subscriptions to fuel sales, the report said.

The news comes as Apple is looking for partnerships to expand its AI capabilities. Last week saw reports that the company was in talks. Meta About the partnership, an idea that Apple Finally rejected. Like other companies launching generative AI products, Meta apparently wanted access to Apple's massive distribution network.

Meanwhile, PYMNTS wrote earlier this month about how Apple's new AI efforts “could change Users communicate With their devices and more importantly, how they shop.

If Apple gets its way, the report suggests, consumers' iPhones will learn their shopping preferences and predict their next purchase. Apple Intelligence will be able to examine their browsing history, purchasing patterns and social media activities.

The company is also trying to change how businesses interact with consumers, experts say. with the Integration of OpenAI's ChatGPTApple products will soon be able to handle customer enquiries, order processing and even provide product recommendations.

“As consumers become accustomed to having AI handle more tasks, their reliance on AI for day-to-day activities and decision-making is likely to increase. This could shift consumer expectations toward more automated and intuitive services. Ye Fengassociate professor of computer science and engineering and director of responsible AI at Santa Clara University's School of Engineering, told PYMNTS.

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