Bitmagic raises $4M for AI platform that generates 3D games from user input.

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Bitmagic has raised $4 million to advance its plan to use generative AI to enable users to create 3D games based on text prompts.

The Helsinki, Finland-based company also announced the immediate public availability of the BitMagic platform on Steam Playtest. This milestone marks BitMagic's mission to democratize game development through its innovative text-to-game platform, allowing anyone to create a fully playable multiplayer game in seconds by simply typing in their desired game scenario. Can make games.

Korea Investment Partners (KIP), the largest venture capital investor in South Korea, led the round. Other funding participants include Supercell, Sisu Game Ventures, and a group of notable angel investors, including Zak Phelps, former senior director of product design at Fortnite Creative, and Martin de Koning, partner at DDM (Digital Development Management).

BitMagic can be used to create games like Dino Wide.

“We are thrilled to have the support of such esteemed investors and the expertise of industry leaders such as Zach Phelps and Martin de Kooning,” BitMagic CEO Johnny Pantinen said in a statement. “This investment will further our efforts to make game creation accessible to everyone, unleashing a new wave of creativity in the gaming industry.”

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Phelps is joining BitMagic as an advisor while Koning is joining the board.

“We are incredibly excited to support Bitmagic. Their innovative approach and innovative use of generative AI techniques position them as a true game changer in the industry,” Michael Lee, executive director of Korea Investment Partners, said in a statement. After reviewing competitors globally, we found Bitmagic to be significantly ahead of the curve, and we believe they are the future of game development and user-generated content creation. Ability to explain.

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Bitmagic's platform leverages generative AI to transform textual descriptions into fully interactive, multiplayer 3D games. This technology breaks down traditional barriers to game development, empowering users of all skill levels to bring their game ideas to life with unprecedented ease.

In conjunction with the funding announcement, Bitmagic revealed that its platform is now publicly available for free via the Steam Playtest. This launch invites gamers and developers to explore and create with Bitmagic's revolutionary technology.

“We believe that by providing free access to our platform, we can inspire a diverse community of creators and demonstrate the limitless potential of creative AI in game development. This is an early version and we are still are only scratching the surface of what will eventually be possible, but now you can use Bitmagic to create games that only professional game developers could create,” said Pantinen.

Penttinen and chairman Samuli Syvähuoko are among the original “founders” of the Finnish game industry in the early 90s. COO Markus Kiukkonen, former head of EA Finland, brings significant operational and scaling expertise to the team. Marcus Hojort, Tech Lead, has over two decades of expertise in building super-scalable software platforms. and Jouni Mannonen, AI specialist, co-founded Hybrid Graphics, known today as Nvidia's Helsinki office, a market leader in advanced processing solutions.
For computer graphics and AI.

In an email to GamesBeat, Pantinen said the company now has 10 people with three new openings for highly skilled coders. He said the firm should have 15 people in the fall and will be around for a while.

“My current thinking is that we will allow you to create whatever you want, but we will control what you can share with others,” Pantinen said. “Games created with Bitmagic cannot be exported outside the system, they can only be played through our cloud-based service, so we have full control over distribution. If you want to create a game about your favorite movie Want, for your own enjoyment, you must be able to do so.

He added, “We'll run an AI-based IP address through your game assets when you want to share them, and we'll stop sharing them if they contain unlicensed content. Your Pass will have the option to replace the infringing material with the original and then, over time, we will work with IP owners to arrange licensing deals that allow you to share the licensed material in this manner. will allow the IP owner to be compensated.”

And he said, “I think if you look two years into the future, you'll see that IP owners will want fans to be able to easily create “fan fiction,” like their IP. based on new games, if it opens new revenue streams Disney is paving the way with the deal they made with Epic and this is just the beginning.

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