Can Nvidia overtake Apple in the AI ​​race?

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Nvidia ( NVDA ) is dominating the world of tech AI, but concerns have arisen about whether the semiconductor giant can keep up the pace. CFRA Research Senior Equity Analyst Angelo Zeno and Neuberger Berman Managing Director Dan Flex join Market Domination to discuss whether Nvidia can maintain its lead over Apple ( AAPL ).

Zino believes that Nvidia will continue to be the “main driver in AI monetization” for the next few years. He also predicts an “expansion into the customer market” within the cloud, saying he is “very excited” about the company, noting that it will overtake Apple within the next year.

Flex echoed similar sentiments, saying, “We can continue to own both names,” but added, “For new money, I'd prefer Nvidia a little bit here, over the next 12 to 20.” Given strong growth up to four months.”

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video transcript

And folks, let's move on to the other juggernaut, uh, the one that had the little one that had the stock split that came in handy today.

Talking about NVIDIA.

Of course, as you weigh these two stories and Angelo, I'll start with you on that one.

Apple or NVIDIA, if you're choosing one to add right now, yeah, I mean, for us, it's still NVIDIA.

I mean that's really going to be the biggest, um, driver here in terms of I monetization over the next 3 to 5 years.

I don't think there's really much doubt about it.

When you compare the two stories here.

Obviously, you're paying a little more in video.

But not really much when you look at some of the multiples, um, that exist for both companies.

So, um, as far as the content development story for NVIDIA, as you move here at Blackwell, um, so, you know, they continue to, you know, continue to shift toward more Total system sales type there.

But not only GP U but also CPU networking chips as well as the kind of wider customer market that is out there, really?

It's just, you know, uh, the last couple of 1518 months, he's been mostly focused on the cloud side of things.

They're going to get more kind of, um, enterprise adoption as well as more autonomous AI opportunities out there.

So we're also very excited with the big move that you've seen from NVIDIA here over the next 15 to 18 months that it's likely going to overtake Apple here over the next three years.

Dan, just one question for you, let me give you two choices.

Dan Apple or NVIDIA Tim Cook Jensen Wong, who do you choose?

We both own the names, uh, for new money, um, I. I'd slightly prefer AAA for NVIDIA here, just given the strong, uh, growth over the next 12 to 24 months.

The story there is actually similar to Apple.

Both companies have reinvented themselves.

NVIDIA had their history in gaming, and obviously they've pivoted and and and really, uh, uh, helped reimagine the data center, uh, in a lot of different elements.

The key there and we heard recently about the Rubin, uh, platform that will come out in a few years is that they continue to innovate.

They continue to empower developers to build on top of their platform.

This is a data center comment.

And then Apple does it on, uh, devices.

And so there are some similarities and similarities with both companies key and and sometimes O over.

The overlooked element is empowering developers when you get millions and millions of people writing on your platform to, um, create something on top of what you've built that's incredibly sticky. , and it helps NVIDIA and Apple at a time when development isn't happening. strong

But I think NVIDIA is well positioned in the data center, and I like Apple, uh, as a play and an interesting and compelling growth story in mobile.

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