Francisco Mattina and Jim Lee's inking partner Scott Williams on AI

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Bleeding Cool received massive traffic for an older article from 2019 accusing Francesco Matena of swiping.

Summary of the article

  • Francesco Mattina is facing fresh claims of plagiarism and the use of AI in his art.
  • Scott Williams and Eddie Granoff expressed their disapproval of Matena's methods.
  • #

  • Adi Granov shares his personal experience with Mattina's art.
  • Concerns are raised about the legal ownership of AI-generated and swiped artwork.

Today, Bleeding Cool received a lot of traffic for an older article about 2019. Francisco Matena Being accused of changing many of their covers from existing artwork by other artists. This was not an unusual claim at the time and he was slightly dismissed for it. Marvel Comics also stopped using it, though DC and Dynamite didn't bother. Well, this weekend, his choice went up a notch Adi Granoff And Scott Williams It accused him of using AI in recently released artwork for DC Comics. Scott Williams is of particular note as he is the DC Comics publisher and CCO's inking partner. Jim Lee. And with a simple tweet “F-ck this hack.” Bleeding cold reached Mattina without reply, but what went down?

Recent DC Comics September 2024 solicitations include the following Francesco Mattina covers. With notable aspects to showcase AI elements and artifacts.

There was a lot of criticism. But it was Adi Granoff, himself prone to being replaced by Francesco Mattena, who went to town.

“When image generators first appeared, the first person who came to mind was serial thief Francesco Mattina, as I thought he thought he had all his Christmases together. Other people's art. (myself included) I don't post about whatever you want to call his “work”, but I neither consider him an artist nor can I hide my distaste for constant plagiarism. Here's his new cover. Not only is he a hack, but he's not even good enough to cover up a glaring mistake on one of pop culture's most iconic icons.”

After her reaction went viral, she followed up saying;

“The cover I posted by Francisco Mattena, like all of his work I've ever seen, is the literal opposite of all of that. He's had a long career deceiving audiences with his cheap digital tricks. has been debated many times over the years to hide the opacity and all the elements it has stolen from many of my colleagues and I am not the first to point it out. Happens to people. Defending it even when the evidence is irrefutable.

“It's not just about that. When I was a very young artist and very little familiar with such things, I saw the Arthur Swedham Zombie Silver Surfer cover and immediately copied and pasted the surfboard from one of my covers. The paste was done, the textures, everything the way I painted it, just with the areas where I put the surfer in disguise, I couldn't believe it, a” Legendary” artists spent all this time creating it. He wasn't inspired by it, he didn't use it as a reference, he didn't pay homage to it, he stole the whole thing from someone who Out of sheer laziness, or lack of skills, or something else that means you're not qualified for the job, I wasn't silent at the time, but the image is still there with the cover and Print is both.

“So back to Matena. I don't want to bully him or hurt him, but he's kidding, and he's had his entire career out of all of us. He's selling you a shiny piece of trash for nothing. Care, skill or honesty, he's just trying to deceive everybody for reasons that I think this kind of work is good for the industry, for the companies they work for, for all the artists. Who actually cares. Our art was stolen and reproduced. It's sad that it looks like Double S on Superman is finally indisputable, but it's a great example of how Al's. Using, or if he is, stealing other people's work, even if Al is the future, as many claim, at least he does it well but also in fraud. Terrible and he couldn't see that the real element of the whole cover, the Superman logo, it's not a mistake, it's pure oversight on his part where his deception slipped because he had to make sure Was too lazy to look at his “creation”.

“He cares so little for art and the audience that he cannot even attempt to deceive well.”

The biggest issue publishers may have with swiping and AI, rather than offending other creators, is that they may not own the final product and freelancers may not own the rights to the work. Be what they represent – ​​and get paid for it. . Cyan Tormey Issued a warning.” The editors hire you to turn in cover art, and currently they're not looking for AI art, they trust the work you submit. A conspiracy by DC No, not nefarious editorial behavior—it's rare, of course, that things get missed if they make that choice.”

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