From chips to desktop, AI in the spotlight at Computex Expo in Taiwan

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At the Computex 2024 tech expo in Taiwan this week, artificial intelligence (AI) was the star of the show as Silicon Valley heavyweights Intel, Nvidia, AMD and Qualcomm showed off their latest AI innovations.

The event drew more than 80,000 attendees, according to a news release on Friday (June 7), and it underscored the industry's race to develop specialized AI chips and systems to meet skyrocketing demand.

Chasing the AI ​​Crown

Keynotes from the CEOs of leading chipmakers took a competitive turn, each highlighting their own firm's technology.

Intel CEO Pete Gelsinger unveiled sixth-generation Xeon processors, which deliver a 10x performance boost for AI inference, and previewed Lunar Lake chips optimized for Intel's AI software suite.

“AI is driving innovation,” Gelsinger said, noting Intel's “unprecedented” combination of efficiency, performance and bang.

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Gelsinger's speech followed keynotes from Nvidia boss Jensen Huang, AMD's Lisa Su and Qualcomm's Cristiano Amon, all of whom discussed the latest AI tech at their firms.

Huang highlighted Nvidia's next-generation Grace Hopper Superchips, which combine the firm's GPU and CPU tech to tackle large AI models. Su showcased AMD's Ryzen AI chips, while Amon debuted Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 GenAI system-on-chip for high-end AI smartphones. Gelsinger said Intel's Gaudi2 Deep Learning Accelerators outperformed competitors' offerings at a third of the price.

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Microsoft has put its muscle behind the emerging AI PC category, saying its Copilot+ AI suite will be baked into Windows on upcoming machines from Dell, HP and Lenovo. Early examples like Acer's Swift 14, running a dedicated AI chip from MediaTek, and the Asus Vivobook S 15 with Qualcomm's AI engine were on display at Computex. IT intelligence firm IDC estimates that six out of 10 PCs shipped globally will have AI capabilities by 2027.

AI extends to desktops and beyond.

MSI unveiled the MEG Vision X, billed as the first AI desktop rig, to offer a touchscreen interface. The Taiwanese firm said the panel enables granular system monitoring and AI-powered performance tuning for gaming and creative apps, aiming to bring AI perks to its core users. The Vision X packs a 13th generation Intel Core CPU and Nvidia's latest RTX GPU to power its AI optimization.

Computex highlighted the rivalry and teamwork among tech chiefs navigating the AI ​​boom. Intel's Gelsinger hosted chairs from Asus and Acer to introduce their co-designed AI laptops, while Nvidia's Huang made surprise cameos at the Supermicro and MediaTek gatherings to plug their hardware synergies. Make In a Computex panel on creative AI, nine global experts opened up about the evolving AI supply chain and emerging commercial use cases.

As the AI ​​competition heats up, tech companies are scrambling for the edge in a transformative transformation that can rival the historic PC and Internet revolutions. Computex 2024 provided a glimpse of the AI-powered future.

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