OpenAI hosts corporate executives to demonstrate ChatGPT.

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Open AI It is reportedly ramping up efforts to sell its artificial intelligence services to corporates around the world.

CEO of the company, Sam AltmanIt hosted meetings in San Francisco, New York and London this month, each attended by more than 100 corporate executives, Reuters reported. Reported Friday (April 12).

According to the report, the executives belonged to Fortune 500 companies in finance, healthcare, energy and other sectors.

In these meetings, Altman and OpenAI’s chief operating officer Bread Light Cap demonstrated the company’s enterprise-grade chatbot, Chat GPT Enterprise; APIs that connect to its AI services. and its new text-to-video models, the report said.

According to the report, OpenAI executives highlighted call center management, translation and other applications for these technologies. He also told corporate executives that OpenAI would not use data from ChatGPT enterprise users to train its AI models.

In some cases, these applications will compete with those offered by them. MicrosoftAccording to the report, Joe is a financial backer of OpenAI and offers some of the company’s technology through its offering.

By paying for ChatGPT Enterprise, corporate customers can get access to the latest models and more opportunities to customize AI products, according to the report, OpenAI executives said during the meetings.

OpenAI unveiled ChatGPT Enterprise in August AI tool Enterprise-grade focuses on security and privacy and offers many advanced features aimed at increasing productivity and creativity in the workplace.

The company noted at the time that the original version of ChatGPT had already been adopted by more than 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies within nine months of its launch.

In January, it was reported that ChatGPT Enterprise had gained traction. The corporate world260 businesses signed up for the service in the first four months.

LightCap said at the time that 260 enterprise customers using ChatGPT Enterprise had a total of more than 150,000 employees registered to use the product.

“When we launched ChatGPT Enterprise, we started with a waiting list, and obviously we had to work through the waiting list,” Lightcap said.

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