South China Sea Clash, AI-Powered Sexbots, Malaysia's 'Ghost Wedding': 7 Highlights

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Chinese scientists and engineers are applying technology like ChatGPT to sex robots, aiming to create interactive, AI-powered companions while facing technical and ethical challenges. In Shenzhen, Starpery Technology, a major sex doll manufacturer, is now training its giant tongue model to augment its products with artificial intelligence.

3. 450 flights were delayed after the runway of Hong Kong Airport was closed for 8 hours.

A cargo plane was forced to make an emergency return on Monday morning. Photo: Jelly Tsi

One of Hong Kong's airport's two operating runways was closed for more than eight hours on Monday after a cargo plane burst a tire during an emergency landing, delaying nearly 450 flights and clearing clearances. Questions arose on the procedure.

4. What will happen if the US stops its military supply to China?

Example: Koen of Lao

China's central role in global supply chains has prompted the United States to launch a series of measures to protect its relationship with the world's second-largest economy. For the US defense industry, it seems inevitable that Washington will go even further and try to eliminate China entirely. Whether or not it will work is another question though.

5. Hong Kong Club for Americans angers non-US members with HK$1.5 million ultimatum

The main entrance to the exclusive American Club Country Retreat in Tai Tam. Image: Handout

An exclusive Hong Kong club founded for Americans angered non-American members when it said it wanted to redeem millions of dollars worth of membership fees at a fraction of the market value of HK$1.5 million (US $192,139) or Leave it.

6. China can compete with the US in a military conflict thanks to its shipbuilding power.

Military analysts say China's naval expansion and strengthening of its shipbuilding capabilities could give the PLA a strategic advantage in a potential conflict, with the US recently offering “Hail “Scape strategy” is also included.

7. Families plan 'ghost wedding' after Malaysian couple dies in accident before wedding

The grieving family of a Chinese couple killed in a car crash are to hold a “ghost wedding” for the couple. Photo: SCMP composite/Shutterstock/

The family of a Chinese couple killed in a car accident decided to find closure over their deaths by holding a “ghost wedding” in their honor. The couple lived together for three years and were to marry posthumously.

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