This AI-generated Pixar-style animation will probably blow your mind.

“Animators are going to lose jobs.”

Walk like the Egyptians

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A cute Pixar-style animation clip featuring an ancient Egyptian girl is going viral this week because it was created entirely by AI, apparently demonstrating the quantum leap that AI video has made in a relatively short time. I have made

Los Angeles-based director and photographer Eleanor Argiropoulos released the short, silent clip on X-ex-Twitter this week, where it quickly racked up 7.5 million views in just a few days.

“I'm absolutely blown away,” Argyropoulos wrote.

Video drone

In a response, Argyropoulos explained that he first created an image using “multiple techniques (including some hand drawing)” and then used tech company Luma's AI video generator, Dream Machine, to create the image. can be activated into something that is not visible from the outside. Put in a Pixar or DreamWorks kid's movie.

Luma claims on its website that Dream Machine can also do text-to-video prompts like OpenAI's Sora, in addition to being “physically accurate, consistent and accurate” with “great character consistency and accurate physics”. Able to make “incidental shots”.

The video drew a lot of praise, but also derision from the Luddites in the peanut gallery and existential angst from the artists.

“It's terrible,” responded one artist. “I've never had so little hope in being an animator. It really cracks me up, I hope it never gets traction. But it's a hopeless hope, Disney is a soulless corporation, a Once they figure out how to do that, animators are going to be out of a job.”

Art – Pocalypse

The animation industry has been struggling, with many layoffs last year and this year, mainly due to economic woes in streaming and mergers between media companies such as WarnerMedia and Discovery.

And while Creative AI isn't a mainstream tool in the animation industry. Yetmany have predicted that many animation jobs will disappear in the future.

Still, humans' time in the arts is far from over. For one thing, generative AI still has thorny copyright issues to sort out. And creating film-quality video can still require a lot of human intervention in the post-production phase because the models still spit out unworkable and awkward results.

Still, if you compare the viral Pixar-style animation video to the AI ‚Äč‚Äčanimation efforts of years past, these may be technical problems that machine learning engineers overcome very quickly.

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