Two voice actors sued the AI ​​company for breach of contract, cloning their voices.

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Two voice actors are suing an artificial intelligence startup in a proposed federal class action lawsuit for violating trademark laws, for training its AI.

Paul Skye Lehrman and Linnea Sage were hired by AI company Lovo in 2019 and 2020 to provide audio clips for what they were told would be internal research.

“On three occasions he assured me in writing how and where it would be used only for internal purposes and never forward facing,” Lehrman said.

But two years later, Lehrman said when he heard his voice on a YouTube video and later on a podcast he never recorded.

“My voice is out there saying things I've never said in places I'm not comfortable being a part of,” he said. “Now we're in a science fiction come true.”

Shock turned to anger as the actors dug deeper. They said the startup cloned the voices of both Lehrman and Sage in violation of their respective contracts.

Lovo advertises an “AI voice cloning tool” where users can upload or record an audio sample that is converted into a custom voice clone. Experts say there are no federal laws covering the use of AI to imitate someone's voice.

“We need federal AI protection, and we needed it yesterday,” said Ryan Schmidt of the Bowen Law Group. “We need a uniform legal scheme that protects not just public figures and celebrities, but every individual and citizen of America, because AI can clone and duplicate anyone.”

Lehrman and Sage said their voices are their livelihood, now being stolen by AI.

“I have such an incredibly pessimistic view of the future of voice-over,” Sage said. “So far this year I've lost 75 percent of what I normally do. And I'm expecting it to get worse.”

“It's about protecting individuals who have a voice that can be exploited,” Lehrman added. “And unfortunately it's all and none.”

Lowe did not respond to multiple CBS News requests for comment.

Lehrman and Sage's battle is the latest in AI. In May, the actress Scarlett Johansson OpenAI's Chat GPT was “surprised, angry and in disbelief” after it sounded like this. Johansen turned down OpenAI founder Sam Altman's offer to voice ChatGPT's text-to-speech product. Altman said the voice was not Johansson's.

AI had a key problem. The SAG-AFTRA strike Last year The new contract for actors includes limits on artificial intelligence. TV and film producers must obtain consent from actors to use digital replicas. They are also entitled to compensation for this use.

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