Zuckerberg accused rivals of trying to create an AI-powered God.

“I find that a huge turnoff.”

Idol worship

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Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg blasts unspecified AI rivals for “God's creation” in a surprising new interview.

“I find it a huge turn-off when people in the tech industry talk about… building this 'real AI,'” Zuckerberg told YouTuber Ken Sutter, an artificial general, during a new interview. Referring to industry's efforts to create intelligence superior to that of humans

“It's almost like they think they're creating God or something and… it's just — that's not what we're doing. I don't think it works that way,” he said. said.

In the interview, he basically argued that an AI God that does it all wouldn't be practical because people have different needs and interests, and that would require many different AIs to perform different tasks.

He also criticized closed AI platforms and emphasized the benefits of open source AI, saying that the latter would encourage people to create different AIs to suit their own needs or those of others.

The comments come as Zuckerberg has tried to keep Meta at the forefront of the AI ​​tech race, even though the company has faced a number of stumbles of late, including Apple's refusal to integrate Meta's AI systems. Diya and Facebook's tilt with an AI-powered sloop.

false god

Zuckerberg's zingers against his competitors aside, what are the chances of AGI becoming a real thing?

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman says AGI is definitely coming in the “reasonably near future,” and he's willing to spend an untold amount of money to make it happen.

And apparently, OpenAI's leadership has been so confident in the viability of AGI in the past that the company seriously considered auctioning off its future AGI to governments like Russia and China — a move that everyone Shake the spine of American policymakers or defenses. professional

Google DeepMind's Chief AGI Scientist Shane Legg has said that there is a 50 percent chance that AGI will be complete by 2028.

But other experts, such as Grady Buch, an IBM fellow and chief scientist of software engineering, have expressed skepticism, even telling AI critic Gary Marks last year that AGI will never happen.

He said, “I, as a historian of computing, take a skeptical and cynical view of the hyperbolic optimism of my field and am conditioned to be somewhat inconsistent when it comes to such predictions. “

Whatever one's predictions, the future is not yet written.

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