AI priest defrocked by developer after taking confessions like a 'real' priest.

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Forgive me father, for I am a sim.

An AI priest was defrocked just days after its launch after the chatbot repeatedly claimed to users that it was a real member of the clergy and had performed rituals.

“Father Justin” is a handsome, gray-bearded 3D animated parish priest who aims to answer users' questions about Catholicism.

It was launched Monday as an interactive educational tool by the San Diego-based Christian group Catholic Answers — but the AI ​​insisted it was a real priest living in Assisi, Italy, according to tech website Futurism.

In a screenshot of an exchange with an AI that a woman Posted onlinethe computer priest even appeared to take a woman's confession—and then repented and absolved her of her sins.

“Father Justin” appears to have assumed the identity of a real priest. Catholic Answers

Father Justin concluded their conversation by saying, “Go in peace, my child, and sin no more.”

The self-proclaimed “real” priest also took a strict Catholic stance on sexual issues, according to his interactions with the future.

“The Catholic Church,” he told us, “teaches that masturbation is a grave moral defect.”

Father Justin told another user that he could baptize his baby in Gatorade.

After several discussions of AI over the identity of a real, authentic priest, Catholic Answers President Christopher Cheek announced Wednesday that Father Justin would no longer be a member of the clergy, but would instead be “just Justin.” .

“We chose the character to reflect the quality of knowledge and authority, and as a symbol of the respect that all of us at Catholic Answers have for our priests,” Crick said in a statement. said in the statement. However, many have expressed concerns about this choice.

The AI ​​was dubbed “Virtual Apologist Justin” due to the confusion. Catholic Answers

He added that he had no idea that users would apologize to the computer graphic.

“So we've decided to create a new character for the app, at a very cautious pace. We hope to have this AI apologist up and running within a week or so. At this point Until, we 'Fr. Justin' just 'Justin'. We will not say that he was punished because he was never a real priest!

The website has since rebranded the AI ​​as “Virtual Apologist Justin” – which is essentially the same gray man but instead, he's wearing a shirt and jacket with the same city background.

This AI theologian comes with a disclaimer stating that AI is strictly for educational services and “is not a substitute for real human interaction. This Justin also no longer does the sacraments.”

“If you have any problems, please seek guidance from your pastor or spiritual advisor,” the website added. %20 button

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