Atlas: Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown decide how to survive against the AI ​​war.

In the new Netflix film Atlas, Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown fight against anti-human terrorists in the war against artificial intelligence (AI).

Lopez plays Atlas Shepherd, an analyst and AI expert, while Brown plays Colonel Elias Banks, a determined soldier. Together, they aim to defeat AI leader Harlan with the help of an AI named Smith.

Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown discuss how they will survive the AI ​​war.

In an interview with CBR, they both reflect on the relevance of the film's theme in today's society and speculate on how they would survive an AI battle, jokingly referencing action movie heroes like Rambo.

When asked how she would survive an AI war, Jennifer Lopez said, “How would I survive an AI war? I have no idea. I'm certainly not an Atlas.” “But I think you're similar to Atlas. You've got to go as analog as possible,” asserted Sterling.

“You have to separate yourself from anything technical so as not to get attached to it,” he explained. When Lopez noted, “hand-to-hand combat.” “You've got to go to tougher Krav Maga-type stuff,” Brown added. As the 54-year-old singer joked, “Rambo!” The Marshall actor, 48, called out, “Yeah, Rambo! Set him on fire.”


Jennifer Lopez and Sterling K. Brown on exploring the relationship between humans and AI

Lopez and Brown discuss the importance of exploring the relationship between humans and AI in Atlas. He talks about how the film straddles traditional sci-fi and action genres, focusing on the development of the characters and their relationships with each other.

Lopez emphasized the emotional depth of the story, highlighting the journey of trust and humanity between Atlas and Smith. “For me, the relationship between Atlas and artificial intelligence was really interesting. I remember when I first read the script, I cried and I thought, 'Yeah, this is science fiction,'” she told CBR. . [movie]. It's an action film.”

Lopez continues, “But there's a really beautiful story about how these two types of personalities come together and become really more human. Smith becomes more and more human, and so does Atlas. It Learning how to trust someone when you've never trusted anything since you were a child because of a traumatic event that happened to you is something that many People can identify.”

Sterling K. Brown talks about his experience working at Atlas.

Brown, who is known for his pivotal roles, shares his experience of working on large-scale productions like Atlas. He recounts the challenges of filming with green screens and the excitement of sharing the film with his eight-year-old son.

Brown said in the interview, “It's fun. There's a lot of green screen stuff. So there's a lot left in your imagination that you have to fill in. Then you get to see it later in post-production. will get.”

Speaking about his son, The Wives actor told the outlet, “I was so excited for my eight-year-old to see me in something because he's like, “Dad, I never get a chance. You don't do stuff for kids.” I was like, “Okay, I should do something for kids.” It's not like I'm running out to do NC-17 stuff, but I guess when you Eight years old, it's all the same.”

Atlas premiered on Netflix on May 24, 2024.

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