Bill Maher and Ray Kurzweil discuss AI on a new “Real Time”

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Also on the schedule: Maher's dating advice

The latest “Real Time with Bill Maher” covers AI and dating advice, among other topics.

“There's no one like you. I want people to understand that. This was one of the ways Bill Maher introduced guest Ray Kurzweil to his audience. Kurzweil was a fan of the Singularity before it was a common concept in tech circles. Best known for writing about, he has a new book out this year. Singularity Is Near: When We Meet AIand Maher initially played the role of seeking expert advice on technical matters.

“The only time I thought about AI was a Spielberg movie that I didn't like,” Maher said — so Kurzweil's questions surrounding AI and its implications for human development. To give your perspective on what the impact might be.

Maher also nurtured Kurzweil's penchant for taking supplements. “You look good, Ray!” Maher said as he took the stage. “Are you still taking 200 pills a day?”

“I'm 70,” Kurzweil replied.

Kurzweil was relatively optimistic about AI's prospects, although he clearly stated that the technology has its limitations. “It doesn't create art the way a master artist does,” he told Maher. He also explained the concept of hybrid intelligence, telling Maher, “It will be the same as we are now, except we will be more intelligent than ever.”

At this point, Maher became a bit more skeptical — especially when it came to potential problems with nanotechnology and AI, such as deadly “grey go.” Kurzweil pointed out that nuclear weapons are a threat that has not yet materialized. Maher, for his part, was more skeptical, noting that there is no AI version of mutually assured destruction.

Maher also seemed skeptical when it came to AI's impact on labor. “What about jobs?” he asked Kurzweil. Kurzweil said that technology has always had an impact on certain industries, and argued that new jobs will also be created. Despite Maher asking him what those jobs might be, Kurzweil didn't address it, instead saying he didn't see the issue in terms of AI versus humans.

Both here and in the final part of the episode, Maher brings up dating and sex—and asks Kurzweil how AI will change the latter. “It will get better,” Kurzweil said.

Mahar replied.

Quoth Kurzweil: “You will have a much richer imagination.”

Maher also raised some other concerns about AI, including the possibility that life could be more practically evil for human bodies. “I don't even know if I want to live in this brave new world,” he said.

However, the interview ended on a note of hope. “I hope to have you back on the show in 20 years,” Maher told Kurzweil. This is a prediction for the 2044 season. Real time with Bill Maher In books, then.

Other notable moments from the episode:

  • In most episodes, Maher begins her monologue with the joke “I know why you're happy”. He was absent in this episode. Instead, he jumped right into this week's presidential debate.
  • Maher was joined for the panel by Chris Matthews and Tulsi Gabbard. Recent memories of both of them exist in the world.
  • Matthews makes a compelling case for why a losing candidate should concede: “You have to say, 'I lost'. That's what makes the system work.”
  • Maher brought up Gabbard's recent support for Donald Trump: “He lost the election and he's not admitting it. she is Your boy?”
  • Gabbard then argued that Hillary Clinton had done the same in the wake of the 2016 election, which both Maher and Matthews understandably resented. “That's a ridiculous statement and you know it,” Maher said. In the same exchange came another memorable quote from Maher: “It doesn't bother you that he just Takes things out of his ass.?
  • The new rules took the form of, in Maher's words, “a TED talk on how to live with women.” Her advice included not wearing shorts on a date and avoiding Crocs and “horrible facial hair”.
  • Maher is also not a fan of sending dick pics. “The best picture you can take is still a hate crime,” he said.
  • real time Will be closed next week for the holiday. The show is scheduled to air for the next two weeks, and then take a month off.
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