Billionaires Jeff Bezos and Cathy Wood join Microsoft, Nvidia, Amazon and OpenAI in funding 1 of the most exciting AI startups of 2024.

There’s no question that artificial intelligence (AI) has been on a hot streak for the past year or so, and the trend shows little sign of slowing down.

It’s not just the average investor who is happy about these developments. Billionaires, venture capital firms, and some of the world’s biggest tech companies have AI fever — and one startup in particular is attracting a lot of attention.

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Some of the biggest names in technology

Figure AI is working on a humanoid robot — called Figure 01 — that has garnered a lot of attention. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Brett Adcock, who also founded it. Archer Aviation — an aerospace company working on all-electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

In its most recent funding round, the startup secured funding from billionaire Jeff Bezos and Cathy Wood of Arc Investment Management. Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ), Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA ), Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN ), and AI wunderkind OpenAI — the startup that launched the AI ​​revolution. Figure AI raised about $675 million, at a valuation of about $2.6 billion.

Figure AI has developed an autonomous robot that can help address labor shortages in warehouses, transportation and retail. Just last week, the figure released a video to show its progress. It says there are 7 million unfilled jobs in these sectors and not enough workers to fill them. Figure recently announced its first commercial agreement for supply. BMW with general-purpose robots for automotive production.

How can investors get in on the action?

Investing can be difficult for investors. Straight In form AI, as startups are held privately, they can invest. Indirectly. For example, Microsoft is among the largest investors at $95 million, so buying Microsoft shares will give you indirect exposure to Figure AI, albeit a much smaller amount.

However, there are many other reasons to buy Microsoft to participate in the AI ​​revolution.

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