Creating new opportunities with AI-powered automation

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been helping organizations find new opportunities and launch new services faster for some years, automating and saving people time.

Now creative AI is expanding the possibilities even further, enabling organizations to automate tasks such as content creation or summarizing large amounts of data.

When these two forms of AI-powered automation are combined into one platform, the potential for the creation of new services emerges that can provide additional efficiencies and even new revenue streams.

Maximize automation opportunities

For more than 30 years, Tungsten Automation has enabled organizations to quickly capitalize on new opportunities with a suite of tools that streamline tasks and processes and free staff to focus on high-value activities. Enables concentration.

Formerly known as Kofax, Tungsten Automation provides a cloud-based platform enhanced by AI that helps organizations quickly automate systems and processes.

Generative AI is a key component of Tungsten Automation's solutions, and the company is actively working with clients to develop the possibilities that generative AI can deliver within business processes. One area of ​​activity is reimagining how people interact with software by adding natural language capabilities, to make completing a task as easy as asking for it.

This can lead to results such as making new workflows, forms, and business rules faster and easier even for non-experts.

Fast service results

Another area where creative AI will have an impact on automation is its use in generating insights from the vast amounts of information organizations have.

This information can be used as training data to build new AI models that are specifically designed to answer business-specific questions, further accelerating the speed at which information can be retrieved. And decisions can be made.

Such systems can be invaluable to everyone from contact center staff who now have a wealth of corporate knowledge when answering customer questions through helping senior executives to formulate long-term strategies. have access at their fingertips.

While there is a wide range of cross-industry use cases that generative AI enables, many high-end opportunities use it to power activities such as basic document extraction, construction processes and their underlying components. , and accelerating insights from data.

However, for these activities to deliver value, they need an appropriate automation platform to ensure that they can integrate with the systems and processes of the organization that wants to use them.

And while the possibilities for creative AI seem endless, it's important to remember that it's not a silver bullet. For creative AI to be effective, it needs to be trained on reasonably high-quality data, and its output must be constantly checked to ensure that it is not deviating from providing correct answers.

It is therefore critical that any organization exploring the potential of AI within its workflow should adopt a platform approach that includes the necessary pre-integration and validation interfaces.

Service Intelligence

AI has enormous potential to improve existing processes and facilitate entirely new ones. This makes it a critical tool in a world where the winning organizations will be those that can quickly capitalize on new revenue generation opportunities.

Whether an organization is using AI to win new customers or try to delight existing ones, Tungsten Automation offers the opportunity to do so quickly and cost-effectively.

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