‘Daily Show’ Drags Viral AI Photos to Help Trump ‘Win Black Voters Without Meeting Anyone’

During the “Indian 2024” segment of “The Daily Show” on Tuesday, the reporter-turned-guest Ronnie Chiang is placed in a series of viral AI-generated images. Donald Trump Shows him smiling and hanging out with groups of black people.

“Donald Trump finally made some black friends,” Chiang said, opening the segment of the show. After discussing Kristen Sinema’s decision not to run for re-election, he offered a roast session to Trump, in which the former president and 2024 Republican nominee failed to eliminate the black vote in 2020. pointed out.

In 2020, Trump received only 12 percent of the black vote. But this year, polls suggest he could double that number. And now he may have a way to win over black voters without meeting anyone,” Chiang began.

He then turned to a BBC News clip showing how Trump supporters had created AI images in an attempt to target black voters. CNN also had a report on the matter. After the clips ended, Chiang walked in.

“Wow, Trump needed the most advanced technology to hang out with six black guys. That’s outrageous,” Chiang said. “You’re telling me I’m wasting my time trying to make real friends with black people, aka African Americans, when I could just use AI the whole time and get the same number of likes? “

He then joked that he “can’t believe these photos are actually going to swing some voters” before turning to a photo of Trump hanging out with a group of Asians himself.

“I’m not going to vote for Trump just because I saw a picture of him with a bunch of Asian guys,” Chiang said before the fake photo appeared on the screen. “They look like they’re having fun, though. I wonder what they’re talking about. Damn, maybe that helps a little.”

Cheng concludes by explaining that there are a few key ways to tell if an image is real.

“I know people are worried about misinformation, but it’s pretty easy to tell if a picture of Donald Trump is AI-generated,” he began. “Here’s the trick: If Donald Trump is in the picture and looks totally crazy, it’s a real picture.”

While black voters won’t necessarily back Trump in a Trump-Biden presidential showdown this time around, there are more black voters who aren’t sure who to vote for. A focus group of undecided black voters in North Carolina found that both candidates did not measure up to what they wanted in a commander-in-chief. However, he is more willing to go with Biden over Trump because of 45’s troubled past in the Oval Office.

“I think it’s the lesser of two evils,” said group member Candace D. “It’s either a politician trying to work for the country as a whole, or someone who’s just trying to serve his or her own interests.” It’s about your party, your particular party and them. The people.”

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