David Cronenberg on the impact of AI on the film industry

When it comes to whether AI is friend or foe, especially regarding its place in the film industry, David Cronenberg is both curious and fearful.

“What do we do? I have no idea,” the Canadian horror sci-fi maestro said Tuesday, a day after the world premiere of his new film at the Cannes Film Festival. The Shroud.

Cronenberg's techno-futuristic yet terrifying dystopian look The Shroud Follows Karsh (Vincent Castle), an innovative businessman and grieving widow, who creates a device to communicate with the dead within the Shroud. There is a moment in the film that deals with AI. Guy Pearce's character Maury sets up Karsh's computer. Mori claims to live inside, along with blonde Honey the AI ​​bot who administers Karsh.

Diane Kruger and Sandrine Holt also star.

Cronenberg said he marveled at the powers of AI in filmmaking today.

“As a filmmaker who welcomes the advent of computer-generated imagery, which we call CGI, it has made filmmaking so much easier,” Cronenberg said. He talked about how a coffee cup was left at Ridley Scott's opening. Elaine And thanks to CGI, such a snafu can be erased.

“I think artificial intelligence can enhance that, so at that level I welcome it and I look forward to using it. It's quite shocking what can still be done with the introduction of artificial intelligence. can go.

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Cronenberg said the screenwriters would be known as “emptors” because they only provide details and explanations for the AI ​​that could easily develop into a full-bodied film. “It comes directly from what you wrote as a prompt,” he said.

“If people can write it in enough detail, the movie will be seen.”

Cronenberg said that the whole idea of ​​productions and actors and so on would be lost. “This is the promise and danger of artificial intelligence.”

“Do we welcome it or fear it? Both, both,” Cronenberg said.

The director said. The Shroud Autobiography is; He wrote it after his wife died after a battle with cancer.

“I stopped making films for a few years after that and felt a passion for storytelling,” he said.

Cronenberg was quite a firecracker at Cannes 2022, when he was here. Future crimes. The filmmaker memorably sneered at America.

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