Do this weekly to learn about AI investing, says chart legend Tom Dorsey.

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A top technical analyst trader says machine adoption is key, both through AI investment and by gaining experience with how AI works.

“If I still had Dorsey, Wright & Associates, I’d ask everyone at the firm to do this once a week: Ask AI a question about the business,” Dorsey, Wright & Associates partner. founder Tom Dorsey told InvestorBusiness. Daly’s “Investing with IBD” podcast.


Tom Dorsey co-founded Dorsey, Wright & Associates in 1987, focusing the business on technical analysis and stock strategies. The firm was acquired by Nasdaq in 2015 and renamed Nasdaq Dorsey Wright.

Dorsey says anyone serious about investing in today’s market needs to experience how creative AI works to understand how the technology can disrupt their investment strategies— Or they can benefit from AI investment. “I’m telling you, (production) AI is incredible,” Dorsey said.

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Nvidia Rides Wave of Generative AI Investments

Dorsey pointed out. Nvidia (NVDA), a leading stock riding the wave of creative AI investments. Nvidia specializes in developing microchips and processors suitable for handling the complex calculations used in generative AI. He says that the stock is likely to increase.

“Stocks that hit 90 almost always go to 100, I would say,” he said, commenting on the share price. “So stocks (like Nvidia) that go to 900 will probably always go to a thousand, and it might be one of those that goes to 2000,” Dorsey said. He added that Nvidia stock managed to make several of its relative strength screens.

According to IBD Research, Nvidia is a clear outperformer, and has an excellent 99 composite rating. It is No. 1 in the Electronics- Fabless Semiconductor industry group. The AI ​​investment game continues to appear on IBD Watchlists such as the IBD 50, Tech Leaders and Leaderboards.

Learning about AI investing through experience

Dorsey compared generative AI to other disruptive technologies such as the fax machine and the Internet. The best way to learn about AI investing, he says, is to learn what such tools can do at work.

Before collaborative software like email and Slack, Dorsey says traders would gather around someone’s desk and chat for five minutes to come up with a strategy.

“Now, I’m a proponent of people not working in an office,” said Dorsey, who says the software has become powerful enough to allow traders to work remotely without penalty.

Understanding creative AI can help identify weak points in everyday work, he says, but also foster a better understanding of how to invest in AI itself. “You need an adviser who knows what to do with the portfolio and where you are in terms of risk and all that kind of stuff,” he said.

Learn more about why Tom Dorsey thinks AI could start another 20-year bull market by watching this week’s podcast here.

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