Drake fans aren’t sure if the diss track is real or AI leaked.

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Lake Distrack Real or AI???

Fan discussion on Twitter

Drake‘s new diss track is causing a firestorm online … over the content and whether or not it’s really the rapper — as some fans believe it’s AI-generated.

The new track leaked online Saturday morning … and, it’s pretty explosive — like roasting a whole lotta artists. Kendrick Lamar, Saturday, Rick Ross, Future And tons more.

🚨BREAKING🚨 Drake diss track leaked. He was talking crazy #Drake pic.twitter.com/CkYpzsZGKz

– Nothing But Sports (@NBSCENTRAL) April 13, 2024

Drake initially took a shot at Kendrick Lamar … “You better quit and pipe them down 50/Pupsqueak, you ain’t in no Big 3/SZA to get wiped out/Travis [Scott] Erased you / Savage erased you / Like your label boy, you’re Interscope right now.”

Sounds about Kendrick Lamar. Your shot And in Drake J. Cole Claiming that there was no Big Three when dropping the name of his “First-Person Shooter” song — and, he said, he truly stands as the greatest of all time.

As for the bombshell lyric aimed at The Weeknd … “Cash Blown’ Able Bread, Out Here Truckin’/S** We Do For These Bitches What They Do For The N****s.” have been.”

Remember … weekends only Went after Drake On the Metro Boomin track — so, the answer won’t come as a shock to anyone who’s followed the escalating feud.

Here’s the problem… people have used AI to mimic Drake’s voice and style in the past — remember, the Recording Academy AI-generated Drake song banned. Possibly by winning a Grammy, so it’s a very common occurrence.

Just check The Drake trend On X… many people are giving the man their flowers for the song — while others are arguing that it’s not really him.

And, Drake isn’t cleaning any of it up — at least not yet. Her X account is silent, and she posted a photo on her IG story about people’s reactions coming close … but it looks like it was posted before the song leaked, so it It is not clear whether he is accepting responsibility or not.

Basically, a lot of fans are waiting to hear if there’s any truth to this leak… and, you have to imagine everyone following Drake will respond if it’s true. .

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