Exclusive: Maven AGI's $28M Funding Round Signals Rise of Generative AI in Customer Support

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Maven AGI, a creative AI platform poised to revolutionize enterprise customer support, announced today that it has raised $28 million in funding and is launching out of stealth mode. The Series A round was led by M13, with participation from Lux Capital, E14 Fund (MIT's founding fund) and notable executives from OpenAI, Google, HubSpot, and Stripe.

Founded by the CEO. Jonathan CorbinCPO Eugene Mann, and CTO Sami Shalabi., Maven AGI aims to tackle the $460 billion customer support industry by leveraging the power of generative AI to deliver highly personalized and efficient customer experiences. The platform's AI agents have already demonstrated impressive results for early adopters such as Tripadvisor, HubSpot, Impact.com, and ClickUp, resolving more than 93 percent of inquiries autonomously, reducing support costs. reduced by 81 percent, and handled millions of interactions in over 50 languages.

“Maven AGI is the most accurate solution in the industry because of our focus on building a proprietary enterprise search engine,” said Jonathan Corbin in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat. “This search engine can scour millions of knowledge articles and documents in milliseconds. The first thing Maven does is use enterprise search to find the right answer. Next, Maven's search validates that answer. which it found along with the other documents. From there, it checks the validity of the response against the new documents to make sure it is still up-to-date. Then the last step is when using Maven GenAI generates a response that is customized to the user.

Proprietary enterprise search engine ensures high accuracy and personalized answers.

The platform's high accuracy is achieved through a multi-step process that begins with a proprietary enterprise search engine, capable of sifting through vast volumes of knowledge articles and documents to find the most relevant answers. The system then validates the answer against other documents and new information before using generative AI to create a personalized answer for the user. This approach sets Maven AGI apart from competitors, who often rely entirely on generative AI, resulting in less reliable and often inaccurate answers.

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“Deploying AI agents at enterprise product scale means solving quality – how can you be sure the AI ​​is accurate and not rogue?” Corbyn said. “Maven AGI outperforms competitors by providing the highest quality, truth-based answers to the most difficult questions. While standard competitor coverage hovers around 50 percent, Maven achieves an impressive 93 percent coverage. We do this by always referencing knowledge and responding, and tuning Maven's personality to speak with the appropriate brand voice.

Seamless integration with enterprise systems and a focus on data privacy

Integration with existing enterprise systems is a key focus for Maven AGI. The platform integrates natively with popular CRM and help desk tools such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Freshdesk and HubSpot, allowing companies to seamlessly expand their customer support capabilities without disrupting existing workflows. Available. This frictionless integration enables the deployment of AI-powered features such as generative AI agent pilots, conversational AI chat agents, and proactive insights to improve customer interactions at every level.

Maven AGI's generative AI provides agent-pilot, integrated with support systems like Zendesk, providing truth-based conversational responses to resolve customer queries. The agent understands the context and importance of customer reviews to the business, making detailed recommendations to motivate feedback while adhering to role boundaries and brand voice. (Image credit: Maven AGI)

Data privacy and GDPR compliance are also top priorities for Maven AGI. The Company ensures that personal data is collected with consent and used strictly to provide and improve the Service. Data is processed by secure, vetted service providers, and users have the right to access, correct, object, restrict and delete their personal information. Additionally, data is encrypted both in transit and at rest, and the company maintains strong security policies and employee training programs.

Rapid deployment and expansion across diverse business functions

Unlike traditional machine learning systems that require large amounts of training data, Maven AGI can be deployed within hours and trained in days using a variety of document formats, including PDFs, spreadsheets, and more. sheets, and even handwritten notes. This rapid implementation allows companies to quickly harness the power of generative AI to enhance their customer support operations.

Looking ahead, Maven AGI plans to expand its AI capabilities beyond customer support to other key business functions. “The goal of Maven AGI is to develop AI systems that are capable of human-level understanding and logic for diverse business functions,” Corbin told VentureBeat. “This means that in the future consumers can tell their marketing platform of choice, 'Give me 100 leads next month,' and Maven will integrate multiple AIs through an orchestration layer to deliver results without any additional human involvement.” will use agents.”

With the new funding, Maven AGI will focus on growing its engineering, go-to-market, and partnerships teams to further develop its platform and reach a broader market. As enterprises continue to seek innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences and streamline operations, Maven AGI is poised to lead the charge to transform customer support through the power of generative AI. The future of business could be just a voice command away.

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