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SINGAPORE, June 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — XT, the world's first socially inspired commerce platform, is delighted to announce the listing of AIPG (AI Power Grid) on its platform at the Innovation Zone. AIPG/USDT The trading pair started at 02:00 on 2024-06-07 (UTC).

About AIPG

AIPG is the native digital asset for the “AI Power Grid” project, a layer-1 blockchain with a maximum supply of 200 million coins. AIPG serves as an incentive layer for the “Grid,” a distributed creative AI network. AIPG currently leverages the proof-of-work model and is in the beta testing phase for its AI network, where miners are encouraged to contribute useful work that presents AI workloads to the grid. Contribute to a more robust proof of model.

In terms of Tokonomics, AIPG has made significant community-based changes to accelerate its distribution and ensure strong initial growth. The initial phase, following the launch of the mainnet fair in December 2023, involved several rapid halving events to distribute around 50% of the total supply within the first year. This approach lays a solid foundation for network development, encourages early engagement and eases the transition to the PoUW system. By aligning the incentives of miners, node operators, and developers, AIPG aims to create a thriving ecosystem that supports ongoing innovation in open source AI.

Albin Warren, CEO of XT, commented on AIPG's listing on XT, highlighting the project's innovative approach and potential impact on the AI ​​and blockchain fields. “We are excited to welcome AIPG to our platform. AI PowerGrid's unique combination of proof-of-work and proof-of-work prototypes will set a new standard for deploying blockchain technology in real-world applications. With their commitment to democratizing access to AI tools perfectly aligned, we look forward to seeing AIPG's positive impact on both the AI ​​community and the broader blockchain ecosystem. “

About the AI ​​Power Grid
The AI ​​Power Grid (AIPG) project is a major initiative aimed at democratizing open source and native generative AI. AIPG encourages a global network of worker nodes to host and process AI workloads. This not only increases the accessibility of the latest AI technologies, but also fosters a more collaborative and inclusive AI development ecosystem. The project envisions a future where AI advances are shared openly to benefit human creativity and productivity globally.

website: aipowergrid.io
Differences: discord.com/invite/vZ9XrTSRYr
Telegram: t.me/aipowergrid
X.com: x.com/AIPowerGrid
YouTube: youtube.com/@AIPowerGrid
Instagram: instagram.com/aipowergrid
Reddit: reddit.com/r/AIPowerGrid

About the XT

Established in 2018, Xt Provides over 800 tokens with over 6 million registered users, 500,000+ monthly active users, 40+ million users in the ecosystem, and 1000+ trading pairs. Since then, XT Crypto Exchange has expanded its offerings covering a rich variety of trading categories to provide a safe, reliable, and intuitive trading experience for its large user base. One such addition is crypto futures trading that includes USDT-M futures and coin-M futures perpetual contracts as well as copy trading that allows users to copy top traders in real time with just one click. Additionally, FutureGrid allows users to automate the buying and selling of futures contracts to earn profits.
website: www.xt.com
Twitter: twitter.com/XTexchange
Telegram: t.me/XTsupport_EN

Disclaimer: The information provided in this press release is not a solicitation to invest, nor is it intended to be investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is strongly recommended that you exercise due diligence, including consultation with a professional financial advisor, before investing in or trading cryptocurrencies and securities.

CONTACT: Bella Wei Listing at xt.com Admin at aipowergrid.io

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