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In the 2024 edition of Breakthrough, a special section dedicated to trends and innovations impacting Lancaster County, one big topic touches all industries and sectors: artificial intelligence.

AI is the use of technology to perform functions normally associated with the human brain. Think Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa or photo apps that show you what you looked like in the 1800s. Lancaster County businesses, organizations and individuals are exploring and utilizing its potential. Here are six takeaways from what we learned.

The economy

Pennsylvania — including Lancaster County — lags nationally in AI implementation. A local consultant at Mantech, who left work with automotive AI in Michigan, says the key is to find potential.


A McCaskey East teacher’s work using real-life genetics research to create a real world of fictional creatures demonstrates how to maximize the strengths of ChatGPT and use AI as a partner for students. Can create completely new content.


A monthly Lancaster technology meetup group saw a spike in interest after ChatGPT, and members say there’s an “amazing tech community” excited about the AI ​​leap.


Wellspan, Penn State Health, UPMC and Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health are expanding the role of virtual care to serve more patients and reduce employee burnout.


When it comes to construction, AI’s role is mostly in the cost estimation and design stages. But local experts say it will revolutionize home construction in the next few decades.


A free app for anglers — TroutSpotter — that tracks individual fish will help researchers identify trends in cold-water fish populations, giving insight into water conservation efforts.

Some companies use it to save time, money. Careful review can catch any mistakes.

As the founder of Lancaster Tech Law, attorney Brandon Harter helps companies deal with data breaches, software licensing, c…

For years before ChatGPT, a handful of Lancaster County engineers and programmers met monthly to learn more about machine learning, deep learning.

While many businesses embrace the benefits of AI to streamline processes, some question the downside of AI’s lack of human emotion.

In most ways, nonprofits are unlike other industries, but there is one important way where they are following protocol. hugging…

Carlos Cruz tries to make Mendelian genetics research fun for students at McCaskey East. So, Cruise recently sent them on a fantasy trip…

Don Bolton speaks volumes when it comes to talking about what artificial intelligence can do for manufacturers.

The growing use of artificial intelligence has the potential to change society for the better and for the worse. But a Chicago company, linked to Lane…

Colton Waters stuck on the second verse.

Improvements in local river water quality are expected to add to the benefits as artificial intelligence powers an app that lets anglers…

When artificial intelligence developed the ability to create images, Rich Johnson at the Pennsylvania College of Art and…

An open backyard is like a blank canvas.

What would that house look like with a sunroom in the back? What would that bathroom look like with a black and white tile floor? How much should…

A man in a hard hat stands on some scaffolding and laments how he has forgotten his tools. He pulls out a robot under the touch screen and springs…

Artificial intelligence has become a part of our daily lives, whether it’s navigating our surroundings through Google Maps or using digital voice…

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