Google I/O 2024 Live Blog — All the Gemini AI and Android 15 news as it happens

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Google Maps Upgrade!

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Shifting gears on Google Maps for a second, two new Maps upgrades are going live ahead of Google I/O. The first new feature lets you apply a filter to show electric car charging stations instead of gas stations. And the second allows the map to show the entire length of the road and highlight it in blue when you find it. This will definitely give you a better sense of order.

Maps is a big part of Google's product portfolio and usually commands some good time. We'll see if there are any other new features waiting in the wings. In the meantime, here are 9 must-have Maps tips for your summer road trip.

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Hi guys, this is Jeff Parsons taking over this live blog for a spell as we wait to see what Google can show us in Mountain View later today. One area I'd be interested in hearing about is Wear OS. Google announced Wear OS 4 at last year's I/O and it brought with it some nice upgrades like better battery life and some new watch face tools. But, overall, it feels like Google is coasting a bit here.

While it's a fair bet we'll hear about Wear OS 5 at today's announcement, I'd like to hear more about how Google might differentiate watchOS 10 — which announced widgets and smarts. There was a redesigned home screen experience by Stacks. in September. Will we get a Gemini merger? Will we learn more about the Google Fit alternative, Android Health? Will Fitbit Continue to Join the Google Brand? Bingo cards are ready.

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Fresh Post on x has shared two screenshots that appear to show that Google will allow users to edit messages on its app even after they've been sent.

According to the post, the feature will work like WhatsApp and iMessage, with a 15-minute grace period to edit a sent message. It appears that some users have been allowed to test the new feature, although there is no indication when it will be officially announced. It may be that we'll hear more about it at Google I/O as one of its new features.

(Image credit: SmartPrix)

Google I/O 2023 was when we first saw the Google Pixel Fold, the company's first foldable phone. So naturally we're wondering if we'll see a sequel announced at this year's I/O, or at least a tease.

There are some strange rumors that the Pixel Fold 2, as we assumed it would be named, will actually be titled the Pixel 9 Pro Fold to tie it in with Google's other flagship Pixels. Otherwise, we're expecting an improved version of last year's foldable Pixel, perhaps with some new unique design elements and possibly some upgraded internals as well.

(Image credit: @OnLeaks)

Google doesn't consistently do this, but we can see a teaser for the Pixel 9 series today, as a token gesture towards the company's hardware products that are likely to be about software.

The Pixel 9 series is believed to consist of three models this year, including a Pro XL model and a new smaller Pixel 9 Pro model alongside the standard version. All the phones should run a new Tensor G4 chip, and will likely have many of the new AI features that were added to the Pixel 8 series last year.

(Image credit: Tom Guide)

Circle to Search isn't just a Galaxy S24, Pixel 8 and Pixel 8a feature. You can also use it on your iPhone.

With a new shortcut, it's possible to instantly take a screenshot and search it through the iOS Google app. This is as close as iPhone users will get to sampling Circle to Search, at least for the time being since Google is very particular about who uses it.

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Everyone's favorite browser Google Chrome might get some attention today. And we can already know one feature coming for it.

Circle to Search, currently only available on select Android phones, may appear on Chrome via a Google Lens update. This will allow a lot more users to try this simple search method, although it is apparently not finished yet, maybe Google needs some more time before it takes off.

(Image credit: Google)

Our AI expert Ryan Morrison had some predictions about what AI announcements Google will make later today.

He believes we'll see new features in Gemini's larger language model and chatbots, both developer-only and public versions, Gemini-based features in familiar Google apps like YouTube Music and Google Docs, and perhaps some advanced technology. Demo. To show that it can keep up with OpenAI and GPT4o.

(Image credit: Google)

Google's Project Starline is a very fancy-looking video conferencing tool that the company has been demoing for a while now. But it recently announced that it will finally launch in 2025, giving HP first dibs on the tech, so we expect it to be at least briefly mentioned at I/O today.

The basics of Starline are that it works just like a normal video call, but in theory allows for a more natural conversation with a full 3D model of the person you're talking to. The hardware required has shrunk steadily since the Starline debuted, so hopefully it will soon be small enough to fit into a dedicated camera or other device, rather than a special multi-camera monitor or Even requires dedicated rooms to use.

(Image credit: OpenAI)

OpenAI was clearly focused on stealing some of Google's earlier I/O thunder by holding its own event on Monday (May 13). And it's easy to take some of the attention away from Google when your announcements are just as important. What OpenAI had to say.

Highlights include:

The GPT-4o model is particularly important in that it can analyze image, video and speech. That's almost enough to make up for the fact that the event came and went without a trace of ChatGPT-5.

Maybe Google is always planning to tease some AI-powered feature before Google I/O. Or maybe it was all the OpenAI announcements in the 24 hours before I/O that did the trick. But Google spent Monday afternoon. Showing off a new AI ability. The camera app looks like a Pixel.

Using voice prompts, you ask the camera what it sees in the tone of the conversation. And the AI ​​can respond by describing what's in its viewfinder with impressive accuracy. Check out the footage posted by Google to see for yourself.

(Image credit: Tom Guide)

At last year's Google I/O, the Pixel Fold made its debut, giving Google a foldable device to rival Samsung's foldable. Of course, in our Pixel Fold Review, we appreciated its slim, durable design and wide cover display. (A feature Samsung may adopt in the future. Galaxy Z Fold 6By chance.)

We don't expect to see. Pixel Fold 2 Previewed at this year's Google I/O, and not just because Google wants to keep the focus on AI. Rather, it's due to a rumor that the next Pixel might fold into a fold. Pixel 9 lineup and as rebranded Pixel 9 Pro Fold. If so, that means the start of fall for the foldable follow-up.

(Image credit: Google)

Google had some news to announce in collaboration with Apple ahead of Google I/O. Two tech giants have teamed up. Promote cross-platform protections. Against anyone trying to monitor your location with a Bluetooth tracker.

If you go along with an unknown tracker for a ride, you'll get an alert on your phone about the device, regardless of which platform it's paired with. Previously, iPhone users would see alerts for Apple Ear Tags that were monitoring them without their knowledge, but not necessarily for other trackers paired with Android devices.

The feature is included in the just released. iOS 17.5 update for iPhones, while Google is adding support for any Android device running Android 6 or later.

(Image credit: Future)

We expected the Pixel 8a to debut at Google I/O today, but Google had other plans in mind. Instead, he declared Pixel 8a Last week – no doubt clearing the stage for all the AI ​​talk we're going to hear later today.

We may not have a Pixel 8a demo, but we do have the next best thing — a Pixel 8a review. And it looks like this phone really impresses, thanks to tensor-powered AI features in a sub-$500 device with Google's extended software and security support.

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