Here’s the trailer for the world’s first fully AI-generated film.

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The world’s first fully AI-powered film has been announced with a trailer. Next stop Paris Probably contains a lot of fingers.

TCLtv+ Studios is a brand new production team and its first release will be a short AI-generated romcom featuring professional voice actors and an original script but the imagery will be produced with AI tools.

Studio is a brand of TCL (which stands for Technology Group Corporation), a partially state-owned Chinese company that primarily sells consumer electronics including televisions, mobile phones, air conditioners, and more.

Next stop Paris It features a romantic story between a woman named Claire who meets a man on a train to the City of Light and is described as an “AI-driven love story”. It will debut this summer.

“Story is at the heart of everything we do,” said Chris Regina, Chief Content Officer, TCL. “We are empowering creators and storytellers to use this new technology to transform the human experience. Be empowered, and we believe that creations with limitless imagination will drive endless innovation. we watch. Next stop Paris As an initial experiment and we are excited to see how it is received in Town Square.

The special feature film has been animated by artists from the US, Canada, UK and Poland. According to Light readingthe creative team used Stable Diffusion to create a custom AI model for the film.

“The AI ​​technology used to create these characters and fantasy worlds allows creative teams to push boundaries and enrich the viewer experience, while also creating new opportunities for marketing partners. ,” TCL writes in a press release.

“Push native helps gain market advantage in a noisy environment full of content options, and IP has many applications across platforms, from interactive components to sponsorable elements and more.

“TCL is well-positioned to take advantage of this innovative technology and is exploring content development across all formats with multiple series and specials in the development pipeline.”

Would anyone like to see?

While this may be the first AI-powered movie, it won’t be the last. The question is whether the genre will appeal to the audience. Kotaku went with the headline “First AI-generated romance movie looks like S***.”

Trailer for Next stop Paris Embarrassingly bad,” the publication writes. “I can’t imagine looking at this thing and going ‘Yeah, upload it to YouTube and keep spending money on it!’

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