How CHROs are using AI

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While most HR executives agree that AI will fundamentally change the way work is done, few are deeply interested in taking advantage of the new technology, according to a new ServiceNow report published today. .

Based on a survey of more than 1,200 HR executives in North America, Europe, the report found that only 14% of all CHROs are in advanced stages of “digital transformation,” defined as implementing digitalization in their organization. And a significant improvement in performance has been observed. , and Asia, were held earlier this year. Another 14 percent said they were in the early stages of digital transformation and the remaining 73 percent said they were in the middle stages.

CHROs at companies in these advanced stages of transformation, called “innovators” in the report, are most likely to use AI technology. About 70% of these top CHROs are currently using traditional AI tools and 65% are using generative AI tools, compared to just 29% of HR leaders at early-stage organizations. Top CHROs are applying AI for a wide range of uses, including call center support, chatbots, improved search results on internal company platforms, data security and privacy, and content generalization and summarization.

HR's involvement with AI means the function has a greater opportunity to align talent strategy with the business, including ensuring workers understand the technology and how to use it. , explains Brandon Roberts, Group Vice President of Public Analytics and AI at ServiceNow. good fortune.

“Organizations need to understand that this is not going away,” says Roberts. “There is no organization in the world that is not investing in AI. The CHRO has the opportunity to really play a critical role in this transformation in terms of implementation within their organization, but also in sales, engineering, or any function to make the organization successful in implementing AI.”

About 88% of “innovator” CHROs say HR and business strategy are fairly or very well aligned, compared to only 33% of HR leaders in startup organizations. About 34% of these top CHROs are becoming strategic partners with the CEO, compared to only 17% in startup organizations. And 47% of top CHROs are partnering with other C-suite leaders, versus 31% from startup organizations.

HR leaders at companies behind the digital transformation curve should start by taking a hard look at what they want their first steps with AI adoption to be, says Roberts, on their organization's investment in AI technology. Consider returns, and make sure staff are educated about the technology.

“You have to implement AI to be successful as an organization,” he says.

Paige McGlaughlin

Today's edition was prepared by Emma Burley.

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