International Writing Guilds Set ‘Ethical Framework’ for AI

The International Writers Guild, representing 67,000 professional screenwriters worldwide, is collaborating to develop an “ethical framework” for the use of AI in screenwriting.

The Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE) and the International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG) have set five principles on AI in scriptwriting, adopting a joint resolution that their members in countries including North America, Europe, India Guilds will be bound. , Israel, Korea, New Zealand and South Africa.

The FSE represents 32 organizations from 26 European countries while the IAWG consists of 14 members from 12 countries including WGA East and WGA West.

These five rules stipulate that only writers are capable of creating “literary content” and that large language models/AI cannot be used to replace writers. ensuring transparency around the use of AI-generated content if it is used to perform writing services on an author’s work (eg polishing/rewriting); Introduction of explicit consent on authors’ intellectual property used for AI training; Ensuring that AI cannot claim authors’ rights or copyright. and introducing fair compensation where authors’ IP is involved in LLMs or AI programmes.

“While we appreciate the EU’s work to implement the AI ​​Act, there are unresolved issues regarding the unauthorized use of our intellectual property for training large language models and the authoring of machine-generated scripted content and There is uncertainty regarding copyright,” he said. Carolyn Otto, a German screenwriter and president of the FSE. “We intend to voice our concerns in the national and global policy arenas, as well as the standard language film and television writers can demand in their contracts.”

Irish screenwriter and IAWG Chair Jennifer Davidson added: “IAWG members want to build on the hard-won protections our sister organizations in the US, WGAE and WGAW, managed to secure during their strike: ie That it should be a tool to augment our writing process, to devalue or replace our work. Last year, we campaigned at UNESCO and this year we took our position at WIPO. will go, support each other during collective bargaining, and invite representatives of the tech community to the 6th World Screenwriters Conference in Galle.”

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