iPhone 16 Pro details, iOS 18 AI plans, iPhone 14 Pro special offers

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A look back at this week's Apple news and headlines, including the latest iPhone 16 Pro specs, iOS 18 details, Apple's AI marketing plans, an OLED MacBook Pro, iPhone 14 Pro special offers, Apple TV for Android , and an important iPad. Pro change.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the many discussions surrounding Apple over the past seven days. You can also read my weekly digest of Android news on Forbes here.

iPhone 16 Pro Specifications

More details about the iPhone 16 camera specifications have emerged. As well as every iPhone 16 model picking up a 48-megapixel main camera, the Pro models are also seeing a resolution increase in the secondary cameras:

“…There's another change that will apply to both Pro iPhone sizes, and that's the ultra-wide camera, which is predicted to jump from 12 megapixels to 48 megapixels. As always, the phone With cameras, the desired benefit is mostly improved low-light performance, where smaller sensors with smaller pixels typically struggle.”


Apple's AI plans for iOS 18

A few weeks after the iPhone 15 launch, Google fired the early gun on consumer AI for smartphones with the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Apple has been watching the competition with AI move forward ever since, and has been unable or unwilling to react until next month's WWDC. What has he planned?

“People familiar with the matter have told us that Apple is working on AI-powered summarization and greatly improving audio transcription for its next-gen operating systems. The new features are expected to be key There will be significant performance improvements for users. Notes, Voice Memos, and other apps are currently testing the capabilities as feature additions in multiple app updates coming with the release of iOS 18 in 2024.”

(Apple Insider).

Marketing Apple's AI Service as Secure

Apple likes to talk about the privacy and security of user data in its online cloud services, and it would come as no surprise that it would seek to promote the privacy of AI data processed in the cloud:

“The information claims that Apple has found a way to process user data in such a way that it remains private everywhere. It says that Apple used its secure software to enable such a programming model. Enclave has expanded the design… However, the exact details of how it will be The information said that it is still unclear how Apple will be able to protect the security model, when a single chip (naturally) backs up in the data center. Many user requests may be running at the time.”

(Information, via 9to5Mac).

An OLED MacBook Pro is coming.

Demand for OLED displays points to Apple's adoption of OLED for the MacBook Pro platform in 2026, writes Ricky Park, Omdia's senior display analyst. With the iPad Pro already taking the leap, Apple's laptops won't be far behind.

“According to Omdia's display long-term demand forecast tracker, demand for OLED displays in mobile devices is expected to grow by 37% from 2023 to 2031. This substantial growth reflects a significant shift as many technologies, including Apple Companies are increasingly incorporating OLED panels into their high-end notebooks and tablets.”


Apple has offered new pricing deals for the iPhone 14 Pro.

While Apple regularly sells refurbished iPhones, iPads and MacBooks, it has been reluctant to do so with the iPhone Pro family. That changed this week with the appearance of the 14 Pro”

“Apple has a clear policy for its Pro iPhone models: They're on sale for a year and then retired when the next Pro comes out. Regular iPhones stay in the mix longer and you still You can buy the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 together. Now, in an unusual move, Apple has suddenly restored the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max to its refurbished store. “


Apple TV for Android

Why would Apple seek a senior engineer to build a “television and sports app”? Mark Gorman picks up potential appearances on Apple TV+ and Android as the space needs a new lease on life.

“The move shows the company wants to gain market share in video streaming — and is putting aside its rivalry with Android to chase additional users. Google's Android software ready for Apple It's rare to do that, which competes with its iOS platform.”


And finally…

Stop the press; The iPad will get the biggest change ever. It will revolutionize tablet computing in a way that only Apple can. Are you ready for it?

“With the use of landscape becoming increasingly popular, Apple product designer Molly Anderson said a landscape Apple logo is a possibility on future iPads—”we're thinking about it. iPad has long been a product that's used in portrait mode, but we're using it more and more in landscape mode.”


Apple Loop brings you seven days of highlights every weekend here at Forbes. Don't forget to follow me so you don't miss any future coverage. Last week's Apple Loop can be read here , or this week's edition of the Loop's sister column, Android Circuit, is also available on Forbes.

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