iPhone 17 specs leaked, Apple’s AI promise, iOS fixes iPhone 15 issues

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A look back at this week’s Apple news and headlines, including iPhone 17 details leaked, iPhone 15 features fixed, Apple’s AI promise, long-term iOS support, MacBook Pro repair details, Car Play’s big win, the future of Apple Arcade, and the possible iRing.

The Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the many discussions surrounding Apple over the past seven days. You can also read my weekly digest of Android news on Forbes here.

Fix iPhone 15’s Embarrassing Reaction

We’re all there when we cue air quotes, and digital confetti is CGIed around us during a Facetime call. It might look impressive, but sometimes Apple’s latest addition isn’t welcome. Thankfully, iOS 17.4 addresses this. This is not currently accurate, depending on the situation given the need for a response, but it does hand some control over to developers and users:

“With the next iPhone update, and with the next updates for iPadOS and macOS Sonoma, developers will be able to choose to turn these reactions off by default, so that they, or potentially But it’s up to the users, turning them back on.


The iPhone 17 always has promise.

Always-on displays are a staple of Android devices, yet Apple has limited them to iPhone Pro models, thanks to cheaper iPhone models running older incompatible displays. This is set to change. While the vanilla iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus models launching in September will use the older technology, a new style of screen display will debut with the iPhone 17 family, allowing always-on applications to be replaced with newer ones. The entire portfolio of iPhones will be allowed to run. :

“According to a new report from The Elec… the plan is that 60Hz displays, using a technology called low-temperature polycrystalline silicon, will continue to feature in this fall’s iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus. Then , for the iPhone 17 series, there are plans to switch to low-temperature polycrystalline oxide panels across the board.”


Apple promises big things with AI.

Speaking to investors, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the company’s vision for using artificial intelligence to break new ground, without speculating that it would break new ground. . The answer will undoubtedly drive much of the conversation at June’s Worldwide Developers Conference, where Apple will try to kick-start its visible AI efforts and draw comparisons with desktop and mobile software for countless rival manufacturers. will

“However, the question today is whether Cook actually believes that Apple will move the needle on AI after being mostly silent on the subject so far? Or does Cook simply mean that Apple will be pushing its AI technologies this year? Breaking new ground? Knowing Cook, it definitely means the former. We’re sure to see what’s in store for AI features in iOS 18 in the coming months.


iOS 18’s long support window

Apple doesn’t specify how long it will support the hardware the way Android manufacturers do at launch. We know the latest Pixel and Galaxy flagships will get seven years of support and security updates, and while we can assume Apple will offer the same, there’s no guarantee. It makes it worth noting that the next release of iOS, version 18, will support handsets going back to 2018’s iPhone XR. Six is ​​shorter than seven, but 2018’s Android flagships only offered four years of support at best.

“iOS 18 will be compatible with the iPhone XR, and thus the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models with the same A12 Bionic chip, according to a post on X today from a private account that There is a proven track record of sharing build numbers. Upcoming iOS updates… If this rumor is true, iOS 18 will be compatible with the same iPhone models as iOS 17:”


Apple opens repairs for MacBook Pro M3.

Apple has included MacBook Pro M3 models in its self-repair program, allowing customers to access information and parts for repairs at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Repair Centers. It also includes diagnostic tools used by service centers.

“Additionally, Apple plans to make its remote diagnostics tool available to M3 Max users starting next month. The tool, which Apple first introduced for the M2 Max and iPhone 15 late last year tha, allows users to test equipment to ensure optimal part functionality. and performance.”

(The Edge).

CarPlay won as Apple Car lost.

With Apple reportedly halting development on its own brand of cars, is there a winner in Cupertino? Chance Miller believes that… The team that develops the CarPlay software that allows your iPhone to talk to your car:

Apple spent 10 years – at least – working on the Apple Car. I’m sure they had some great ideas about how an in-car infotainment system should work. My guess is that some of these ideas are manifesting in the form of next-gen CarPlay. But anyone who follows Apple knows it has other ideas and is saving up for its own car. Now that the Apple Car is dead, those ideas can live on with CarPlay, Apple Maps and Vision Pro.


The fragile future of Apple Arcade

MobileGamer.biz’ Neil Long took an in-depth look at Apple Arcade through interviews and feedback from several developers. Apple’s gated gaming community was launched with a prime spot at the 2019 iPhone launch, but that bright future is looking dim:

“One developer said there was a “smell of death” around the service – though others suggested there are now whispers of (another) relaunch for the service. Paying for titles on Apple Arcade has been falling for years, And after the change in strategy, very few original games are being greenlit unless they’re tied to a big family-friendly IP,” our sources said.

(Mobile Gamer).

And finally…

Apple’s R&D team is clearly working on a smart ring wearable device, as seen by various patents surrounding the technology. While published patents never guarantee a commercial product, with the growing interest in smart rings from the likes of Aura, Samsung, and Honor, is the time right for Apple to look at consumer products?

“The growth of the global smart ring market has also gained momentum due to the participation of big tech,” the report states.The report also states that Apple is working to develop its own smart ring, Kim. At least because of the relevant patent evidence.”

(ET News via Forbes).

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