Marilyn Monroe to be brought back to life with ‘biological AI’

If you’ve ever wished you could chat with iconic Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe, you’ll soon have your chance — practically, at least. San Francisco-based Soul Machines has announced “Digital Marilyn,” an interactive video avatar that the company says can provide a personalized, interactive, real-time experience.

The idea, Soul Machine explained in a blog post, was more than nostalgia. Advances in AI tech can help honor and reimagine celebrities in an interactive and engaging way, the company said.

“From static search to text-based chat to conversational AI, we are witnessing a rapid paradigm shift as we begin to move into conversational interactions with multimodal capabilities,” Soul Machines said in a document. Decrypt.

Soul Machine said the company worked with Monroe’s estate to bring the iconic actress back to life.

“Our technology is never used to replace entertainers, and we partner directly with the world’s leading talent and their statuses to ensure this is a genuine partnership. is approved and benefits the artists we work with,” wrote Soul Machines CEO Greg Cross. Company website.

Image: Soul Machines

In addition to Monroe, Soul Machine features other AI avatars, including musician Mark Twan, boxer Francis Ngannou, and golf legend Jack Nicklaus. Soul Machine uses AI they call “biological AI,” which they claim can authentically mimic human-like behavior.

“Spirit Machines’ approach departs from current creative AI by prioritizing cognitive modeling, explicitly mimicking human mind-body interactions (influenced by neuroscience and cognitive science),” the company said. “Our approach is to model human cognitive processes, and the arc of learning and development, leading to more realistic behaviors.”

Soul Machines is one of a growing number of generative AI models designed to mimic celebrities and engage with fans. In September, adult actor Brandi Lowe joined Twitch stars Amaranth, and Karen Marjorie as AI avatars on the Forever Voices AI platform and Telegram.

Although AI companions are a novelty, artificial intelligence being used to replicate humans is a hot-button issue in both the entertainment and political worlds. In November, the SAG-AFTRA WGA strikes ended after months of negotiations between the unions and the AMPTP. A laundry list of demands were agreed upon between the groups, including safeguards against AI.

But as actors and writers continue to see advances with AI, companies like Soul Machine, Respeecher, and Metaphysic are offering their services to Hollywood and, ultimately, users to interact with their favorite celebrities, living or dead. They are providing an opportunity to do.

“At Soul Machines, our AI technology is focused on how we can deepen engagement and connection between celebrities and fans around the world,” Cross said. “AI technology should support artists, never replace them.”

Edited by Ryan Ozawa.

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