Meta is using your data to train AI models. Europeans can opt out.

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If you use Instagram or Facebook, Meta is using your data to train its AI models. The company uses the posts as training material for its creative AI systems.

Privacy legislation in the UK and EU means the company is forced to offer an opt-out option – but it's doing so in a rather sketchy way…

We might never know that Meta is using our data to train its AI models if it weren't for privacy legislation in Europe. It forces companies to disclose how they collect, process and retain data – and offer opt-outs.

To comply, the company is emailing Instagram and Facebook users today.

We're updating our privacy policy as we expand AI on Meta.

hey <نام>,

We're getting ready to expand our AI from Meta Experiments to your region. AI at Meta is a collection of our creative AI features and experiences, like Meta AI and AI creative tools, along with the models that power them.

What does this mean for you?

To help bring these experiences to you, we will now rely on a legal basis called legitimate interests to use your information to develop and improve AI at Meta. This means you have the right to object to how your information is used for these purposes. If your objection is respectable, it will apply from then on.

We are adding updates to our Privacy Policy to reflect these changes. The updates will take effect on June 26, 2024.

The Meta Privacy Team

It is also using Facebook notifications to display similar alerts.

Specifically, the company does no Users outside of Europe appear to be notified.

European users can opt out.

Europe's GDPR is the strongest privacy law in the world, and provides four key safeguards against the misuse of personal data:

  • There must be a specific, lawful reason for processing the data.
  • Personal data must be kept confidential.
  • You have the right to a copy of your data.
  • You can ask for your data to be deleted.

There are six acceptable reasons for companies to keep your data, one of which is known as legitimate interest. This is perhaps the weakest element of the legislation, as it is not very well defined, and involves “commercial interests”. It is this provision that Meta is relying on.

However, even if a company claims a legitimate interest, you can still object and ask them to delete your data.

The company's email says it will remove your data from its AI training “if your objection is respected,” suggesting it's not automatic.

When you click the link to object, you are asked to provide your reason.

Both of these are legally dubious, as they give the impression that you need to provide some sort of justification for your request. In fact, in situations where a company is using your data for its own commercial interests and nothing else, it It is necessary Comply with the opt-out request.

Fortunately, Meta seems to be processing opt-outs automatically: when I did, I immediately received an email saying it had been approved and honored. will be obtained.

Photo by charlesdeluvio on Unsplash

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