NVIDIA Robotics is adopted by industry leaders for growth

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Compotex NVIDIA today announced that the world leader in robotics development is adopting. NVIDIA Isaac™ Robotics Platform For research, development and production of the next generation of AI-powered autonomous machines and robots.

BYD Electronics, Siemens, Teradin Robotics and internalAlphabet Inc., one of more than a dozen robotics industry leaders globally, is integrating NVIDIA Isaac accelerated libraries, physically-based simulation and AI models into its software frameworks and robot models to help factories, warehouses and distributions. Centers can be made highly efficient and secure. Human co-workers, and act as intelligent assistants for repetitive or highly precise tasks.

“The era of robotics has arrived. Everything that moves will one day be autonomous,” said NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang. “We're advancing the NVIDIA robotics stack to accelerate generative physical AI. works, including Omniverse for simulation applications, Project GR00T humanoid foundation models and the Jetson Thor robotics computer.”

The Isaac platform contains a collection of NVIDIA-accelerated libraries, AI foundation models and simulation technologies available today for robot builders to integrate into their technology stacks.

  • NVIDIA Isaac Ross — a set of modular ROS 2 packages that bring NVIDIA-acceleration and AI models to the ROS community developers.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor – A reference workflow built on Isaac ROS that provides multi-camera, 3D surround vision capabilities for AI-based autonomous mobile robots.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Manipulator – A reference workflow built on Isaac ROS that facilitates the development of AI-enabled robot arms, or manipulators, that can seamlessly perceive, understand, and interact with their environment. can.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Sim™ — a reference application for simulating, testing and validating robots in a physically based environment and for generating synthetic data, based on NVIDIA Omniverse™ platform.
  • NVIDIA Isaac Lab – A reference application in Isaac Sim suitable for reinforcement, imitation and transfer learning for AI robot foundation model training.

The Isaac ecosystem expands rapidly.
Early adopters of NVIDIA Isaac are leaders in robotics and autonomous machine development in Asia, Europe and North America.

Siemens, a global leader in industrial automation software and systems, is using NVIDIA Isaac Sim for its powerful software-in-the-loop capabilities. Isaac Technologies accelerates Siemens' development and testing of advanced robotics skills such as SIMATIC Robot PickAI (PRO) and SIMATIC Robot Pack AI. AI Vision software provides cognitive AI-powered capabilities and enables industrial robot systems to autonomously and reliably pick and pack arbitrary items without any prior AI training by the user. The companies plan to expand their partnership and announce new capabilities at SPS Expo later this year.

Siemens delivers industrial-grade AI and is leading the way in robotics by integrating it seamlessly with automation solutions and making it easy to use on the NVIDIA-powered Siemens Industrial PC Foundation. Bringing vision AI to the ecosystem of industrial robots.

“AI-powered robots will accelerate the digital transformation of industry and take over repetitive tasks that were previously impossible to automate so we can be more creative and efficient,” said Roland Busch, president and CEO of Siemens AG. can unlock human potential for valuable work,” said Siemens AG President and CEO Roland Busch. “Together with NVIDIA, Siemens is empowering our customers and partners to create new innovations, incorporate them as part of their industrial automation solutions and use AI to drive efficiency and competitive advantage. “

Intrinsic, a software and AI robotics subsidiary of Alphabet that acquired Open Source Robotics Corp. in late 2022, has successfully experimented. Isaac Manipulator in its robot-agnostic software platform. Intrinsic has demonstrated scalable, universally applicable robotic grasping skills for manipulating grippers, environments and objects using manipulators.

“We couldn't have had a better partner in NVIDIA, helping to pave the way for foundational models to have a profound impact on industrial robotics,” said Wendy Ten White, CEO of Intrinsic. “As our teams work together to integrate the NVIDIA Isaac and Intrinsic platforms, the potential value we can unlock for millions of developers and businesses is enormous.”

BYD Group has a strong manufacturing footprint in four major industries worldwide including electronics, automotive, new energy and rail transportation. One of its subsidiaries, BYD Electronics (BYDE), a global provider of high-tech and innovative products, is developing a full range of autonomous mobile robots that use NVIDIA Isaac Sim and Isaac Perceptor to provide complete logistics to factories. Provides solutions.

“BYDE's focus is on helping customers accelerate the deployment of logistics applications,” said Chris Utio, senior business development director at BYD Electronics. “Together with NVIDIA, we have developed innovative autonomous mobile robots powered by NVIDIA Isaac that will improve worker safety, reduce production costs and increase production intelligence for our customers. “

Universal Robots (UR) and Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR), Teradyne Robotics companies, are using NVIDIA Isaac to integrate AI into automation. UR is integrating the Isaac Manipulator into its PolyScope X software platform to unlock new cobot solutions. MiR is leveraging Isaac Sim to generate simulated data and simulate its MiR1200 pallet jack for real-world deployments.

“The key to meeting our customers' challenges in robotics lies in the industry's ability to work together, in a collective effort,” said Ajul Kumar, Group President, Teradyne Robotics. “With NVIDIA Isaac's advanced AI and simulation capabilities plugged into our large installed base of autonomous mobile robots and cobots, we will push the envelope of innovation to achieve faster solutions for multiple industries. “

The NVIDIA Isaac platform is modular, enabling companies to adopt individual or multiple technologies simultaneously.

Companies leveraging Isaac Perceptor for the development of advanced perception-based autonomous mobile robots include: Ark BestBYD Electronics, Gideon, Exemplary work And RGO Robotics.

Companies leveraging Isaac Manipulator to build AI-based robotic arms include: Solomon, Techman Robot, Venation and Yaskawa.

More than 100 companies are adopting Isaac Sim to simulate, test and verify robotic applications, including Hexagon, Husqvarna Group and MathWorks. Isaac Lab is being adopted by Agility, Boston Dynamics, Figure AI, Fourier Intelligence and Sanctuary AI.

Robotics Innovation in Action at Computex
In his COMPUTEX keynote, Huang demonstrated robots used in transportation, healthcare and industrial manufacturing. In a demonstration, FoxconnThe world's largest electronics manufacturer, exhibits a A fully artificial autonomous factory At NVIDIA Omniverse, NVIDIA features a fleet of AI robots developed by NVIDIA Robotics partners based on NVIDIA Isaac.

Watch Huang's COMPUTEX Keynote To get the latest on AI and more. Read more about Updates are now available. On the NVIDIA Isaac platform.

NVIDIA (NASDAQ: NVDA) is a global leader in high-speed computing.

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