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By: Shane Oika

You keep trying to reword the sentence. After about five minutes of meandering, you capitulate and turn to ChatGPT. This is not cheating. The idea remains unchanged, your communication intent is simply presented more effectively.

Artificial intelligence's ability to help convey ideas and words is resonating with everyone. Even the most passionate of traditionalist writing. Its infectious appeal has inspired it to incorporate social media into online writing tools, online marketplaces, work-related tasks, academic assignments and now: online dating.

Writing is hard. Online dating is tough. With an inbox overflowing with the occasional awkward conversation or stalemate due to the myriad of ways to start a conversation, online dating often results in brief, initial exchanges. appears.

So, what's the harm in adding an AI-powered tool to online dating platforms if it alleviates these issues?

As with its use in other areas, the degree to which one uses AI determines the extent of their effort. Use it to complete the entire job task: Prove yourself incompetent. Use it to complete a thorough assignment: demonstrate a lack of understanding and be sure to fail the exam. Use it to navigate the entire social interaction: Be sure to “bumble the bag” upon arrival and failure to navigate the situation in person.

The level of usage is entirely at the discretion of the user. The degree of dependence is a direct reflection of the ability.

A man is sitting at a computer. Photo credit: Artem Poudrez via Pixels

Basically, one should use it at their own risk. Online dating, if successful, moves quickly. The “rise phase” of messaging, if successful, lasts about a week or two if communication is consistent.

If one relies solely on AI for communication, the lack of authentic social skills will ensure that coffee, drinks or a walk on the beach are bound to fail.

According to , 23 percent of Americans have gone on a date with someone they met on an online dating site. Pew Research. while 12 percent have found a committed relationship or are married.

Despite the inevitable adaptation and development of online dating skills by individuals, this number, already low, is not nearly at the level that would be affected by the incorporation of AI into online dating platforms.

In addition to writing support, the AI ​​dating platform will ensure greater compatibility between individuals and a more comfortable environment for women.

AI tools such as Iris Users are assured of their ability to find matches with maximum compatibility. Using an algorithm based on lust, attachment, and “real attraction,” Ayers claims that matches based on these three criteria will not allow someone to “Waste time finding (your) perfect match or settling into a relationship without mutual attraction.

Two people drink champagne together. Photo credit: Viktoria Slavkoska via Pixel

Other platforms, e.g Eva the wing woman, will allow women to feel safer and more comfortable. According to the same Pew Research poll, “60% of female users aged 18 to 34 say someone on a dating site or app continued to contact them after they said they weren't interested, compared to a similar share (57%). Report a sexually explicit message or image sent.

By screening male users for red flags and negative traits, AI platforms like Ava will create a more comfortable environment, while compatibility enhancers will increase matchmaking, save time and increase satisfaction levels for users. I will increase. Current levels of satisfaction found by Pew Research are 57% and 51%, respectively, for men and women.

While platforms such as Winggg have the potential to reduce social skills, which further complicates the ability of young, isolated individuals to find partnerships, the tool will ensure self-regulation. Because the dependency caused by this tool maximizes the inevitable backfire

However, platforms like Iris and Ava will have clear advantages. Advanced compatibility algorithms allow individuals to reclaim their time and focus on igniting relationships that have a high probability of success. Safety platforms will ensure appropriate behavior which will allow for a more comfortable environment for women.

AI is merely a tool, not a solution; Fair use is still owed to the user's ability. So, like any other AI-powered tool, one's effort threshold depends on their degree of device dependency.


By: Nadia Hill

Being catfished is a real concern in the realm of online dating. With the development of artificial intelligence chatbots, one day soon, you could be catfished by a machine.

While you believe you're just chatting with an inquisitive and curious person, they can copy and paste your About Me profile or your last text into an AI chatbot.

This strange and modern concern was recently highlighted in an episode of South ParkDeep learning” The satirical premise of the episode is the real business model for these apps and websites.

It's no secret that the proliferation of technology and social media in people's social lives has affected real-life socializing skills.

Today, our interactions with colleagues are mainly through social media platforms, or at least, it revolves around them.

Having removed much human interaction from modern social groups, AI further extinguishes any humanity in socialization.

Pew Research Center reports that one in 10 couples have met online. While online dating has many advantages, such as its low barrier to entry and convenience, it is impossible to ignore that users will now have no way of officially knowing that another user has contacted them. AI is used in chats.

The troubling truth about using AI to create an online persona or dating profile is that it is a manufactured product intended to appear authentic. People who use such apps engage in misrepresentation and dishonesty with their potential partners.

For example, on the app Winggif the input information about a potential partner includes anything about travel, the app can spit out. the following:

  • Travel bug, huh? 🐞 What is your go-to activity when exploring a new place?
  • Lol, do you ever feel like a professional packer? 🎒 Have any funny travel stories to share?
  • Good! Do you collect fridge magnets from every trip? 🧳 Or do you have another quirky travel souvenir collection?
A screenshot from the Winggg website where users can select a specific tone and content to be used in a generated message. Screenshot by Nadia Hill on April 22nd.

It's true that to someone unfamiliar with online grammar and writing style, it doesn't seem that different from chatting with a human. However, for anyone who has interacted with real young adults online, these kinds of responses stick out like a sore thumb among all the messages from real users.

There are also privacy concerns surrounding the use of AI to assist in personal interactions. App website Rizz AI Explains that due to its recent development, some user information may be accessed, but it is not clear what may be accessed.

Even popular AI models like it. Chat GBTMicrosoft's Copilot, and Google Gemini AI can act as a wingman with its own prepared pick-up lines, flirty texts and even apology messages.

Winggg's services extend to real life. The conversationleading to reduced socialization skills and further concerns about starting relationships under false pretenses.

The AI ​​wingman industry suffers from the general insecurity of people's isolation. It offers a solution that allows users to disengage from self-improvement possibilities and turn to a passive coping mechanism. An over-reliance on this coping mechanism will lead to a decline in socialization skills.

Shane Avika and Nadia may arrive at Hill. [email protected].

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