Pure Storage unveils AI-enabled enterprise storage platform

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At its recent Pure Accelerate customer event, Pure unveiled a number of new capabilities focused on meeting the rapidly evolving needs of enterprise AI. Its latest offerings are designed for the AI-powered enterprise, both using AI to deliver a more robust and simplified experience, and delivering the performance and capabilities needed for modern AI workloads.

Pure Fusion: AIOps for Storage

Among its newly announced innovations, Pure Fusion is the most exciting. PureFusion is the first storage automation solution of its kind. PureFusion unifies storage arrays and dynamically optimizes storage pools across structured and unstructured data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. Fully integrated into the Purity operating environment, this next-generation technology ensures continuous improvement through non-disruptive upgrades and is available to all global customers.

Further strengthening its leadership in simplicity, Pure Storage introduces the industry's first Generative AI Copilot for Storage. This AI-powered tool leverages insights from tens of thousands of Pure Storage customers, offering a revolutionary way to manage and protect data using natural language. It guides storage teams through complex performance and management issues, proactively resolving security incidents.

AI for storage

Pure introduces its innovative AI copilot, a first in the storage industry. Pure Storage AI copilot is an intelligent assistant embedded within the Pure Storage platform. It leverages aggregated insights from a wide array of deployed systems to streamline storage management tasks.

Users can interact with the AI ​​copilot using natural language queries, allowing storage administrators and IT teams to quickly and efficiently obtain detailed assessments, actionable recommendations, and benchmark rankings of security policies. is allowed to do.

Seamlessly integrated into the Pure Storage platform, AI copilot is accessible to all users without additional licenses or external components. This integration increases usability and ensures consistent performance in diverse storage environments.

Storage for AI

Evergreen//One for AI is Pure Storage's solution to address the unique challenges of managing storage infrastructure for AI workloads. It provides a purpose-built AI storage-as-a-service solution and guarantees the storage performance required for GPU-intensive tasks such as training, estimation, and high-performance computing workloads.

Evergreen//One for AI is specifically designed to support AI environments where performance, scalability, and reliability are paramount. It provides the storage infrastructure necessary to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of AI initiatives, enabling organizations to get more value from their AI investments.

By eliminating the need for expensive forklift upgrades and allowing organizations to seamlessly adopt new technologies, Evergreen//One for AI helps optimize storage infrastructure costs. This ensures that organizations can invest in AI resources instead of worrying about storage bottlenecks.

Additionally, Pure announced its plans to expand its collaboration with Nvidia. Pure Storage has already achieved Nvidia DGX BasePOD certification and NVIDIA OVX certification and expects to achieve Nvidia DGX SuperPOD certification by the end of 2024.

Analyst opinion

Data drives today's enterprise. An IT organization must ensure that data remains available, delivered to where it is needed most, and with the performance required by the workload. The importance of efficient, reliable, and scalable solutions focused on data workflows, not point storage solutions, cannot be overstated. Taking a platform approach to storage is critical, and that's exactly what Pure Storage delivers with this set of capabilities.

Pure Storage's platform expansion introduces several innovations centered around automation, intelligence, reliability, SLAs, and advanced security features. At the core of Pure's strategy is a commitment to providing dynamic, intelligent, and unified storage solutions that seamlessly adapt to changing business needs, whether on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hosted environment.

Pure Storage's integrated unified operating environment, continuous upgrade capabilities through the Evergreen program, and advanced technologies such as Fusion allow it to provide a flexible, efficient and high-performance solution. It addresses the limitations of traditional storage systems and positions Pure Storage as a leader in meeting the demands of modern enterprise environments, including AI, cloud, and hyperscale data centers.

Pure Storage is not alone in approaching enterprise storage as a platform play. NetApp recently shifted its message to reflect its intelligent data infrastructure-focused approach, promising to fill out its portfolio to match that approach. Others, such as Dell and Lenovo, continue to provide less integrated point products. At its Accelerate event, it was clear that Pure is aggressively delivering on its vision.

Disclosure: Steve McDowell is an industry analyst, and NAND Research is an industry analyst firm that engages in, or is involved in, research, analysis and consulting services with many of the technology companies mentioned in this article. Is. Mr. McDowell holds no equity position with any of the companies mentioned in this article.

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