The Da Vinci Solution 19

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With some major camera announcements and other new products, updates, and improvements in various markets for professional film and video production and post-production offerings. Black Magic URSA Cine 12KBlackmagic Design also unveiled the latest version of DaVinci Resolve.

Let’s take a look at DaVinci Resolve 19 and explore its latest features, including new DaVinci Neural Engine AI tools, additional color grading palettes, and Resolve FX, Fairlight AI audio panning, expanded USD tools, and multi-source editing. More updates for

What’s New with DaVinci Resolve 19

Some powerful new AI tools and over 100 feature upgrades make this new DaVinci Resolve version 19 look much harder. For new features, we look at IntelliTrack AI, Ultra NR Noise Reduction, Color Slice Six Vector Grading, Film Look Creator FX, Multi-Source Editing, New Multi-Poly Rotoscoping Tools, New Fairlight AI Audio Panning to Video, Ducker Track have been. FX and Ambisonic Surround Sound plus new features in Blackmagic Cloud for larger users.

“This is an exciting new release with tools specifically designed for high-end digital film users as well as Blackmagic Cloud integration for large users. The new Intellitrack AI is powered by the DaVinci Neural Engine and provides color and Improves tracking and stabilization in Fusion Pages, as well as audio panning in Fairlight. A new grading palette for colorists, along with new Resolve FX, improved USD tools and multi-poly rotoscoping for VFX and new AI Fairlight FX. Plus new tools that make digital film quality available to live broadcasters. It’s exciting and I can’t wait to hear how users use all these amazing new features. – Grant Petty, Blackmagic CEO of Design.

The new organization app in Blackmagic Cloud will now enable large companies to define users as an organization or company, as well as create groups or teams and quickly share projects with the entire group one by one.

Resolve users will also be able to manage storage access, share presentations, and create single sign-on, plus you’ll be able to purchase or rent DaVinci Resolve Studio licenses. Licenses can be priced for specific projects and then removed upon completion.

New Color Palettes IntelliTrack AI

Among other key new features, we’re also looking at a number of new tools for colorists looking to create rich film-like tones with the Color Slice Six Vector palette, as well as using the new Film Texture Creator effect. Hoy is producing cinema images that mimic photometric film. the process

In Fairlight, there are also new additions, including IntelliTrack AI that can be used to track motion and pan audio automatically. VFX artists in Fusion will have an expanded set of USD tools to use and a new multi-poly rotoscoping tool at their disposal.

A new Cut page will now support real-time selection of live camera recordings for instant replay with slow motion and stingers. Also, a new multi-source viewer allows users to view all their live cameras, or even just clips with a common timecode, in a single multi-view screen, while switching live from any of the available angles. will

Full list of DaVinci Resolve 19 features

If you want to see the full list of everything new coming to DaVinci Resolve 19 and, you know, don’t just want to download the update and try it yourself first. Here’s a full list for you to check out, including new features:

  • IntelliTrack AI Point Tracker for tracking and stability
  • Support for DaVinci Resolve Replay Editor
  • Cut page as a media player and playout system.
  • New multiview option in source tape to view time-synchronized footage
  • Add points of interest and create replays from multiview and timeline
  • Ability to edit timeline content based on source clip transcription
  • New color slice six vector grading palette
  • AI-powered UltraNR noise reduction for spatial denoising
  • NodeStack allows for the management of complex grading workflows.
  • Watch the new movie creator
  • The new Defocus background separates the foreground with blur.
  • Multipoly tool for easy rotoscoping of complex objects
  • USD increase for Material X and advanced volumetric shading
  • Additions to the multi-shape toolset
  • Fully integrated native Ambisonics workflow
  • On IntelliTrack-powered audio panning video in Fairlight
  • Music Remixer FX for remixing vocals, drums, bass, guitar and other sources
  • Dialogue Separator FX to separate dialogue, background, or environment
  • Tracks FX for auto-level management of beds against the Docker dialog.

And, as always with new versions, this new DaVinci Resolve 19 is now out as a public beta that you can download at Blackmagic design site here.

No Film School coverage of NAB 2024 is brought to you by Blackmagic Design.

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