The first AI doctor leverages FireBlocks for secure digital asset transfers.

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The recent announcement of UNICE building on FireBlocks has captivated the digital asset community. Working with FireBlocks marks a significant step forward in simplifying and enhancing the security of UNICE’s digital asset management.

Dedicated to maximizing the value of clinical data and advancing global healthcare services, UNICE is pleased to add the expertise of FireBlocks, a leading provider of enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure. UNICE is integrating FireBlocks’ cutting-edge security technology, thereby setting new standards for digital asset management and security in the healthcare sector.

UNICE, an AI-based blockchain healthcare messenger service created by doctors, has been selected as an ecosystem project by leading global Web3 venture capitalists, gaining worldwide attention. The main objective of this project is to develop an AI doctor to diagnose diseases, prescribe medicines and perform surgeries. UNICE assesses consumers’ physical and mental health, and provides customized healthcare solutions. Data generated with explicit user consent is converted into NFTs, which are then sold to hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research institutes. This process is securely recorded and managed fairly through blockchain technology.

How UNICE is leveraging FireBlocks:

Better digital asset security: Adopting FireBlocks’ multi-layered security solution ensures secure movement and storage of UNICE tokens, providing users with a more secure environment for managing their digital assets.

Better governance: Adjusted transaction policies and user controls across operations enable UNICE to operate in a more streamlined and transparent manner, significantly increasing operational reliability and user confidence.

Effective Asset Management: UNICE can securely and efficiently manage accounts linked to internal wallets through the FireBlocks platform.

Multi-Blockchain Support: FireBlocks supports more than 50 blockchains and leading token standards for Web3 and NFTs, increasing the compatibility and accessibility of UNICE’s service, as well as facilitating global data sharing and service delivery.

Access to De-Fi and Stacking: Access to DeFi dApps and staking features through the FireBlocks platform will allow UNICE users to easily track and manage their staking positions and rewards in real-time and provide an additional entry point into the digital finance ecosystem. Is.

Looking to the future.

Working with FireBlocks goes beyond a technical integration and elevates the management and security of UNICE’s digital assets, thereby improving the accessibility and equity of healthcare services globally. It also lays the foundation for UNICE’s sustainable growth and provides users with a more reliable digital asset experience.

UNICE is reshaping the future of digital asset management and the token economy by leveraging FireBlocks, aiming to provide a safer, more efficient and rewarding healthcare service experience to consumers around the world. Is.

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