The original judge envisioned a future where the time-consuming task of compiling fake history is replaced by AI hallucinations.

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Donald Trump nominated John Bush to the Sixth Circuit on the strength of his resume as an anti-gay blogger. Trump will put some questionable characters on the bench in a year from a colleague who’s moved from clerking to a booming wrestling heel, but there’s something about elevating judges based on his blogging. Summarized the entire administration.

As a former blogger, Judge Bush feels more at home on the cutting edge of technology, so while some of his fellow judges decry artificial intelligence, he sees a bold future where context Narrative can be altered by an artificial intelligence that lovingly weaves a false historical narrative into reality to suit the desired policy outcomes of a realist by laboriously slogging through content. Makes choices appropriate for desired policy outcomes.

Judge Bush spoke with the University of Chicago’s Federalist Society chapter and, as Reuters’ Nate Raymond covered, hailed the coming AI revolution as the spark originality needs to finally bring America back to the 18th century.

Bush cited the emergence of corpus linguistics in the legal field, which involves searching and analyzing vast databases of texts – or corpuses – to determine how words or phrases appear when they first appear in law. were used.

A judge currently trying to deploy the tool must go through the “extremely laborious and time-consuming” process of entering a search term into a program and finding multiple hits for documents containing those terms.

“But what if AI was used to review all the hits and compile statistics on word meaning and usage?” Bush asked. “If AI can be trusted, it will make the task of determining word meaning and usage much easier.”

As an academic pursuit, corpus linguistics explores a wide range of contemporary – but contextually distinct – documents to produce quantitative and qualitative insights into usage across a society at a particular point in time. It can illuminate changing patterns in language across geographic, class, and ethnic backgrounds.

As a legal pursuit, it performs none of these functions.

Rather, originalists hijack this epistemological framework to sift through the documents in search of the “TRUE” meaning of the term at the relevant time – a result that mocks the entire field of linguistics for eliminating it. While academics will enjoy the nuances and multiple layers of meaning, realists use these programs to pick out the meaning of an “irrational quest” based on an article in the Portsmouth Star that attributed Goody Winthrop to witchcraft. Appears just above an article about Kindle. Right above a classified ad about selling slaves for a bargain.

Bush explains more about himself and the fraudulent nature of the project when he involves himself in the process as a JD Corpus Linguistics toolkit as a digger of all these achievements. and provides skills such as, A true linguist. The conservative legal movement now considers itself better than historians in history and better than scientists in science, so why not add linguists to the list?

Everything Bush has described from these findings rushes to the conclusion that he is making the findings amount to scientific malpractice. Routinely and eagerly performed in the service of the original public meaning.TM (Read: Contemporary GOP Policy Goals).

It’s just burying the BS under the AI. Generative AI is only trying to please the user and while well-intentioned interactions combined with responsible guardrails to keep the algorithm within the bounds of its reliable performance can elevate the process by performing such tasks. are what humans could never do, a poor, self-serving gesture. Engineering Bush has stated will only spit out poor, self-serving conclusions to trash an opinion to justify a conclusion. “That’s 1,000 representative clippings that come out of our way!” Quality and context be damned – this is an argument for sheer volume.

So the next time you think the biggest threat posed by artificial intelligence is some made-up case references, remember that it could be much, much worse.

Conservative US judge says AI could fuel ‘fundamentalist’ movement [Reuters]

Joe Patrice is a senior editor at Law and Law and co-host of Thinking Like a Like. Feel free to email any suggestions, questions, or comments. Follow it. Twitter If you’re interested in a healthy dose of law, politics, and college sports news. who also works as Managing Director at RPN Executive Search.

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