The secret weapon of upskilling workers and VCs

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In artificial intelligence (AI) news this week, the US and UK are collaborating on safety tests for advanced AI technologies. Tech giants love it. Google And Microsoft has created a task force to prepare workers for the AI ​​era, addressing the urgent need for AI skills in developing job markets.

In venture capital, AI has moved from a hot investment area to a key tool for making smart investment decisions.

Here’s a lineup of the latest in AI this week.

AI Safety Testing

America and Britain are working together. Set up security tests. For the latest AI technologies, PYMNTS reported on Thursday (April 4).

The collaboration seeks to harmonize the scientific methodology of the two countries and accelerate the development of effective testing methods for AI models, systems and institutions. The effort is part of a worldwide initiative aimed at reducing security concerns associated with AI.

“This partnership indicates that corporations are expected to make their offerings safe, reliable and ethical”. Andrew Perry.from an AI ethics advocate ABBYYsaid the global leader in intelligent automation.

He said there is a tendency among technology pioneers to ensure an early presence in the market under a “launch now, fix later” approach to their products. As an example, he noted that while OpenAI has been relatively open about the potential risks of ChatGPT, the company has continued with its broad commercial release despite potential negative impacts.

The US-UK alliance is in line with commitments made during the AI ​​Safety Summit in November, where world leaders stressed the importance of international cooperation to address the potential risks of AI technology. Held in Bletchley Park, UK, the summit brought together government officials, industry leaders, scholars and civil society representatives to explore both the challenges and opportunities that AI poses.

Increasing AI skills in the workforce

Leading technology firms including Google and Microsoft have joined a task force. Equipping the workforce Responding to significant demand for AI-savvy professionals in changing job markets, for the era of artificial intelligence (AI).

The alliance includes major players such as Accenture, Eightfold, Google, IBM, Indeed, Intel, Microsoft and SAP along with six expert advisors. With AI changing various industries and job descriptions, employees need to be trained in the skills necessary to thrive in AI-powered settings.

Francine Katsudas, CiscoExecutive Vice President and Chief People, Policy and Objectives Officer of , and a member of the initiative, emphasized the significant opportunities that AI presents for the private sector to lead the way in advancing and reskilling the workforce. do He highlighted the consortium’s commitment to collaborating with governments, non-governmental organizations and academia to ensure that the AI ​​revolution benefits everyone.

PYMNTS’ Previous reports has highlighted the dual nature of generative AI technologies such as ChatGPT, which promise to increase productivity as well as create disruptions in the labor market.

A study by Goldman Sachs It is estimated that automation could affect 25% of jobs in the US and Europe, especially in the legal and administrative sectors. While a large portion of jobs may face automation, the report found that while most employees will remain employed, less than half of their jobs will be automated. Only 7% of US workers are in roles where AI can take over at least half of their duties, potentially leading to job displacement.

Venture Capital’s Newest Strategic Asset

In venture capital (VC), AI has emerged as a lucrative investment area. An important tool For smart investment choices.

AI’s ability to rapidly process vast data sets on startups and market dynamics enables venture capitalists to spot the most promising investments and make more informed decisions regarding fund allocation. This technological advancement is revolutionizing the venture capital industry, and is at the forefront of redefining startup funding practices.

Steve BrotmanFounder and Managing Partner of Alpha Partnershighlighted the role of AI in enhancing venture capital operations by complementing human insight with machine intelligence to accurately identify real investment opportunities amidst the clutter.

“AI empowers us to examine market trends, launch performance indicators and other key data at an intensity and speed that exceeds the capability of human analysts,” Brotman said. “It not only increases efficiency but also significantly upgrades our decision-making process by offering unprecedented insight into potential investments that were once beyond our reach.”

According to Business Research Dev GartnerBy 2025, more than 75% of valuations from VC and early stage investors With the help of AI and data analytics. Currently, AI is deployed to examine consumer behavior, trends and preferences. Investors are increasingly relying on AI tools to assess the fit between a founder’s vision, their team, business model and investors’ goals, with the goal of predicting investment success.

Apple’s AI development

apple’s research team has developed an AI technology called Real M (Reference Resolution as Language Modeling), designed to navigate the complexities of ambiguous references and context clues. This innovation aims to transform interactions with voice assistants and could significantly change the retail and service industries.

ReALM approaches the challenge of understanding screen-based visual references by framing them as a verbal modeling task, leveraging the capabilities of modern language models. The development is among various efforts aimed at improving AI-powered voice communication, which has the potential to expand various commercial applications.

AI researcher Dan FigellaAlthough not affiliated with Apple, he shared his insights on the implications of better AI communication with PYMNTS. They highlighted the current frustrations with chatbots and the potential for advanced AI systems to potentially resolve direct inquiries in a direct and courteous manner, potentially increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty and sales.

Demand for voice technology is increasing. Oh PYMNTS Study Consumers’ growing interest in voice technology was revealed, with 54% of participants keen to use it more widely in the future due to its convenience. Additionally, 27% have used a voice-enabled device within the past year, and 22% of Gen Z consumers are willing to spend more than $10 per month for enhanced voice assistant services.

However, another PYMNTS report on US consumer attitudes was unveiled. Some doubts About the effectiveness of voice AI in quick-service restaurants compared to human interaction. Only 8% of consumers said they believe voice assistants currently match human performance, with only 16% hoping for such parity in the next two years. The majority either expect a long wait or are skeptical of voice AI achieving human-like reliability and intelligence.

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