TikTok starts auto-labeling AI-generated content to help viewers.

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TikTok has become the first photo and video sharing platform to label content generated by artificial intelligence (AI).

The Chinese short video platform is also planning to add AI-generated audio-only content to the net soon. It is important to note that the platform already attaches a label to AI-generated content, built into the app.

TikTok also urges its creators to label realistic AI content. According to the platform, more than 37 million creators have used the feature since last fall.

The company said it plans to allow creators to “safely and responsibly” express their creativity with AI-generated content (AIGC) while not confusing their viewers.

Announcement by TikTok

TikTok said it's going to automatically label “AIGC” when it's uploaded from some other platforms.

To make this possible, it has announced a partnership with the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). Auto-labeling will be done by enabling the ability to read content credentials, a technology of C2PA.

Content credentials will attach metadata to the content, which TikTok will use to identify and label the AIGC. The rollout has begun for photos and videos, and will be available for audio content only in the near future.

In the coming months, the company will also attach content credentials to any content downloaded from TikTok.

This will enable anyone to use the C2PA Verify tool that was built on TikTok to help identify AIGC. It will also identify when, where, and how the content was created or modified.

In addition, this feature will allow other platforms that use C2PA to authenticate and label content accordingly.

The rise of deepfakes and problems with AI

Deepfakes are a big problem in today's day and age. AI, with all its virtues, is causing plenty of problems in the digital world as well.

While AI enables incredible creative opportunities, it can also cause confusion or mislead viewers if they don't know the content was AI-generated.

TikTok said it is going to join the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) to help the adoption of content credentials in the video sharing world.

“With TikTok's world-wide community of creators and users, we are excited to welcome them to both C2PA and CAI as they embark on a journey to bring more transparency and authenticity to the platform,” said Dana. Rao, General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer said. , TikTok.

“At a time when any digital content can be manipulated, it is important to provide the public with ways to understand what is true. Today's announcement is a step towards achieving that result,” Rao added. is an important step.

Additionally, while AIGC labeling is the best approach, experts point out that it can lead to more confusion if viewers are not familiar with the label and what it means.

Therefore, the short video platform has also launched new media resources, developed with the guidance of MediaWise and Witness, to inform and preserve the community.


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