What is unit testing? 15 Automated Unit Testing Tools

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Software development is a creative endeavor, but it can be filled with difficult tasks. Most of the world is writing “unit tests” to verify that software components work as intended. Unit tests help developers catch bugs early and ensure that the code is maintainable.

Ideally, developers writing code for a program write unit tests as they go along. But writing unit tests is a hard software development task and can take a lot of developer time. Even worse, developers can make mistakes in manually writing tests for complex code bases. As a result, a lot of software lacks unit tests and this makes the code difficult to maintain. Without unit tests, if something breaks, finding the problem can be like hunting for a needle in a haystack.

What is unit testing?

A unit is a part of a program that performs a particular operation. Units are the building blocks of software; A piece of software is a stack of units. If a unit doesn’t do what it’s supposed to, the software program won’t work effectively—or, in some cases, won’t work at all.

Unit testing involves testing individual units of a software application in isolation to ensure that they function as expected. This process involves identifying the unit to be tested, writing a test case that uses the unit and verifying its behavior, running the test, and observing the results. If the test fails, the developer investigates the problem, makes the necessary changes to the unit’s code, and reruns the test until it passes. Unit testing helps catch bugs early, improves code quality and enables faster debugging, ultimately ensuring software application reliability and quality.

Automated unit testing will play an increasingly important role in maintaining the integrity and robustness of the code that drives most of our lives. Artificial intelligence is now helping developers write those unit tests, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks.

What are examples of unit testing?

One of the most promising tools is Diffblue cover, an AI-powered platform that automatically writes unit tests for Java code, one of the most popular programming languages. Diffblue uses reinforcement learning to analyze the codebase and generate human-readable, executable tests that cover a wide range of scenarios. “We just focus on unit tests,” said WW co-founder Peter Sharmle, explaining his company’s success in solving the Java problem.

Another notable tool is EvoSuitean open source framework that uses genetic algorithms to create test suites for Java programs, although the tests produced by EvoSuite are not as readable as those produced by Diffblue.

Both Diffblue and EvoSuite stand out for being fully automated.

In addition, there are many code suggestion tools that can help developers write tests. Although these tools speed up the task of writing unit tests, they are not fully automated and still require developer time and attention.

For example, Amazon Code Whisperer, GitHub Copilotand even Chat GPT Can look at a function and predict unit tests. But generative AI based on large language models (LLMs) is prone to errors, and so developers still need to check their work. They help developers, but don’t free them from the task of writing unit tests.

The space is starting to heat up with new startups entering the race. Start Perception has announced an AI agent. Devin That it claims to be able to scan code, identify and fix bugs and write unit tests. A Cognition Engineer named Andrew posted a video on YouTube of Devin reviewing a code repository and successfully writing a regression test on his own. Devin is not yet publicly available so it will take some time to see if it can challenge the current leaders.

Top Automated Unit Testing Software and Tools

Here are the top tools on the market today for writing unit tests. These tools use various AI techniques to automate and optimize various aspects of code review, test generation and quality assurance.

DiffBlue cover

DiffBlue Cover provides AI-powered unit test generation for Java codebases.

  • Automated Java unit test generation tool
  • Uses reinforcement learning to develop and improve tests.
  • Integrates with popular Java integrated development environments (IDEs) and build tools.
  • Achieves high code coverage and maintains tests over time.
  • Offers both cloud and on-premises deployment options.

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot is powered by generative AI models developed by GitHub, OpenAI and Microsoft, and is trained on all natural languages ​​that appear in public repositories.

  • AI Duo Programmer which suggests code and entire functions in real-time.
  • Supported in terminals via the GitHub CLI (Command Line Interface) and natively integrated into GitHub.com with the GitHub Copilot Enterprise plan
  • Suggests code completion in the code editor.
  • Answers to questions in chat
  • Automatically pulls the relevant context from the opened project.


Tabnine is an AI coding assistant that supports multiple languages ​​and IDEs.

  • AI Coding Assistant; Supporting code generation, clarification, and fixes in 80+ languages ​​and frameworks, as well as support for automatic generation of tests and documentation.
  • Support for a wide set of IDEs, including all the most popular (eg, Visual Studio, VSCode, IntelliJ, Eclipse, Android Studio)
  • Automatically pulls context from all related files accessible from the IDE, and can be linked to any Git-based repo to extend the context.
  • Offers a proprietary model trained exclusively on authorizing code, and also offers custom models trained on additional customer code (trained and privately deployed).
  • Offers secure SaaS deployment, or private deployment on VPC or on-premises (can be fully air-gapped)

Codem AI Codemate

CodiumAI Codiumate is an AI coding assistant for writing, reviewing and testing code.

  • IDE plugin for interactive high-quality code generation, testing and review
  • Generates a task plan and estimate interactively.
  • Suggests task-aware code completion in the code editor.
  • Answers to questions in chat
  • Automatically pulls the relevant context from the opened project.
  • Provides guidance, code improvements, task reviews, etc. to produce high quality code to complete the task.
  • Private instances can be installed on-premises.
  • Uses a proprietary model (but enterprises may choose to use the OpenAI model instead)

Duet of Google Cloud

Google Cloud’s Duet provides AI-powered code completion and generation for developers.

  • Chat interface for coding questions and guidance on cloud best practices
  • Code descriptions to quickly understand, map, and navigate unfamiliar code bases
  • Code security guardrails to scan AI-generated code for vulnerabilities
  • Google AI leverages foundational models.
  • Source references to help comply with license requirements

Amazon Q/Amazon Code Whisperer

Amazon Q/Amazon Codewhisperer is an AI-powered coding companion from Amazon Web Services.

  • Directly accessible in popular IDEs
  • Suggests code snippets for complete functions in 15 programming languages.
  • Provides company specific responses through customization capability.
  • Scans for security vulnerabilities and suggests remediation in code.
  • Filters code suggestions that may be considered biased or unfair.
  • Flag code suggestions that resemble specific open source training data.
  • Upgrades the programming language version.
  • Answers to questions in chat
  • Creates new application properties with a descriptive prompt.
  • Automatically pulls the relevant context from the opened project.
  • Uses a proprietary model.


Symflower provides automatic unit test generation for Java.

  • Combines symbolic execution, static analysis, and natural language processing.
  • Develops readable, maintainable, and efficient unit tests.
  • Defines test assertions and edge cases in natural language.
  • Integrates with Java IDEs and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

to give testimony

Testim is an AI-based test automation platform for web and mobile apps.

  • AI powered test automation platform
  • Supports web, mobile and API testing.
  • Uses machine learning to create and maintain tests.
  • Provides visual test editing and debugging tools.
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools and test management systems.

The squire

Squaretest is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that automatically generates unit tests for Java classes.

  • Uses data flow analysis, control flow analysis, pattern detection and heuristics to develop optimal tests. Manual work is required to complete the developed tests.
  • Enables developers to customize output by creating custom Apache Velocity templates.
  • Enables developers to choose which dependencies should be mocked, which methods should be tested and how the source class should be constructed.


Bito is an AI-powered code review and quality assurance tool.

  • Analyzes code changes and understands your codebase, providing real-time feedback.
  • Identifies potential bugs, security issues and performance bottlenecks.
  • Supports multiple programming languages ​​and frameworks.
  • Integrates with popular version control systems and CI/CD tools.

Deep Unit AI

DeepUnitAI is an AI tool that writes unit tests for multiple programming languages.

  • AI-powered unit test generation tool
  • Supports various languages ​​including TypeScript, JavaScript, Java, Python and C#.
  • Uses deep learning to understand code semantics and generate meaningful tests.
  • Provides IDE extensions, CI/CD pipelines and CLI options.

Senior Dev.I

Seniordev.ai is an AI programming assistant for code generation, optimization and mentoring.

  • Designed to enable web-based application dev teams to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Uses AI to review pull requests, create/update documentation and develop unit tests where applicable
  • Supports multiple programming languages ​​and frameworks.
  • Provides a collaborative interface for team members to work together.
  • Integrates with popular version control systems and project management tools.


Testsigma.com is an AI-powered, codeless test automation platform for web and mobile.

  • AI-powered test automation platform for web, mobile and API testing
  • Supports codeless test creation using natural language processing.
  • Provides a visual interface for creating and managing tests.
  • Provides real-time test results and analytics.
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools and test management systems.


Functionize is an intelligent test automation platform that uses machine learning.

  • An AI-powered test automation platform for web and mobile applications
  • Uses natural language processing and machine learning to create and maintain tests.
  • Supports cross-browser and cross-device testing.
  • Provides a visual interface for creating and managing tests.
  • Integrates with popular CI/CD tools and test management systems.


Mabl is an AI-powered, codeless test automation platform for web applications.

  • Built using cloud, AI and low-code innovations.
  • Functional and non-functional testing scalability in web apps, mobile apps, APIs, performance and accessibility testing
  • 3x faster test creation, 70% reduction in maintenance, 10x faster test runs, provides 80% savings over in-house solutions
  • Integration with Slack, Jira, Microsoft Teams and Github

The bottom line

As the field of AI-assisted development continues to evolve, we can expect to see more sophisticated automated unit testing tools that leverage advanced machine learning techniques to develop more comprehensive and reliable test suites. . These tools will likely integrate seamlessly with development workflows, making it easier for developers to incorporate automated testing into their daily routines.

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