Why Dell's servers are the most 'optimized' for AI

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Dell Technologies ( DELL ) has made significant investments in the field of AI, but as the technology rapidly advances, so does the competition. Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions Group President Arthur Lewis joins Market Domination to discuss the company's competitive position in the AI ​​space.

Lewis confidently states that Dell's innovation efforts are “firing on all cylinders.” He highlights three key “killer design points” that set the company's servers apart: a consistent architecture, “a design that has significant network capabilities,” and energy efficiency.

“Generative AI is a system that consists of compute, network and storage. There's only one company in the world that can deliver that system better and more AI-ready, and that's us,” Lewis told Yahoo Finance. .

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This post was written by Angel Smith

Video transcript

Well, with us is Arthur Lewis Dell Technologies Infrastructure Solutions Group, President, Arthur, sorry for the technical snafu, the magic of live television, Arthur, what can I tell you?

I was, I was asking Arthur about the competition because my point being the super micro, you know, uh, the street loving that name is built around his AI practice, you see he They sell it at a relatively low margin.

You got Lenovo, they are investing money to work in their AI prac in the AI ​​game as well.

Arthur, I was just curious if you were feeling any kind of competitive pressure there.

Look, we're very focused on delivering on behalf of customers.

Our innovative engine is firing on all cylinders.

Uh I don't remember a time when, you know, we ran our engine, you know, that hot, you think about the 9680 you know, we had three killer design points.

Number one, a consistent uh a consistent architecture that presented the silicon diversity that GP will offer us from NVIDIA to A MD, from Intel, uh a design with outstanding network capabilities and the most dense and energy There was savings and we scrapped it. Ballpark on all three of them.

Um, we've done a better job with the 96 AD L, which is designed specifically for liquid cooling.

We have increased the density by 33%, which will debut on the Blackwell 200.

We have improved energy efficiency by 2.5%.

And we've significantly improved our networking capabilities.

We also offer the opportunity that we offer networking capabilities with advanced fabrics, Ethernet and Finan protocols as well as the world's broadest storage portfolio, especially on the non-structured side, PowerScale and F Starting with the 910 we just announced. Last week at Dell Technologies World.

So when we think about serving users and their needs, you know, generative AI is a system that consists of compute network and storage.

There is only one company in the world that can optimize and tune this system for AI and that is us.

And we are, I have the privilege of serving both CS P and enterprise customers.


Let me ask you something about your partnership with NVIDIA Two.

You are right up front with this and it makes a lot of sense.

Jensen Wong has the AI ​​chips everyone wants.

But um you know, on the other hand, Arthur, they, they spend a lot of uh supply is limited.

I'm curious if this has stopped sales for all of you in any way.

It doesn't help sales and let me just say, you know, we've been working with Jensen since 1996 when he launched the first um GP U.

He is a very strong partner and a very strong colleague in our AI factory.

Um we also have, you know, obviously partnerships with other providers including A MD Intel and uh and Broadcom.

Uh, so it doesn't really keep orders.

This, it will likely stop the delivery.

But we have a very strong collaboration with NVIDIA.

I also want to talk about storage.

Um they came in Flat Arthur and I, I know, you know, you mentioned that kind of weathering.

I, I guess my question was, you know, if AI is such a business driver, why is storage flat Arthur?


So, you know, the storage market typically lags server recovery by 1 to 2 quarters.

And so we start to see growth in the storage market in the second half.

Um and, and kind of baked into our guidance and part of the reason why we raised our guidance for the full year, I would also say that, you know, while the majority of customers are enterprise. As for customers, they have a relatively small mix of income.

And so you'll see a lot of that storage strike come along as enterprises start to pick up Arthur.

Great to have you on the show.

Sorry again for the technical hiccup.

Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks Josh.

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